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Handmade Holiday Week!

Behind the Scenes : Handmade Holiday Week!

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This coming week is Handmade Holiday week at The Martha Stewart Show and we’ll be bringing you all new episodes detailing how to add that extra special touch to your holiday giving. From homemade photo cards and festively-stamped gift wrap to easy-to-make jewelry and unique fabric crafts, we have lots of great ideas to make …

Time to Decorate - it's not just for trees anymore!

Behind the Scenes : Time to Decorate - it's not just for trees anymore!

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This week at TV, while we are “dark” in the studio (actually the studio is literally quite dark – see my photos) our own elves prepared our set for the holidays. I love seeing the old favorites come out of the basement (we really have a basement), and I love seeing all the new decor …

German Pyramid Cake

Behind the Scenes : German Pyramid Cake

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Sometimes it takes a while for an idea to make it into the magazine.  Not because it isn’t a good idea, sometimes it just doesn’t find its’ way into the right story.  In our December issue in a story called “Customs Made” one idea that had been brewing for a number of years finally found …

Stars in the December Issue

Behind the Scenes : Stars in the December Issue

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Thanksgiving is just next week, and for me that signifies the beginning of the Holiday season- yippee!!  Ok, let’s be honest, I started getting excited for Christmas right after Halloween.  But to be exact, at Living, we’ve been scheming about this Christmas since November 2010.  That’s when we started brainstorming many of the ideas that …

November Good Things

Behind the Scenes : November Good Things

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You’ve tossed the jack-o’-lanterns, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be without decorative gourds!  I love all the varieties that you can find at the Farmers Market- so many exquisite colors, shapes and textures.  They can be beautiful displayed on their own, or if you want something a bit more special, try this …

Phobias on the IPAD

Behind the Scenes : Phobias on the IPAD

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Working on the IPAD edition of Living can be a lot of fun, it allows us to bring the content to life in exciting new ways.  In our October Phobias story we did a series of short stop animations and then incorporated sound to help set the mood.  They are created with slight movements through …

Martha Stewart's Haunted House!

Behind the Scenes : Martha Stewart's Haunted House!

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Shooting Martha Stewart’s Haunted House Halloween Special was an incredible treat and so much fun! If you missed it last night, be sure to tune in to the Hallmark Channel on October 31st at 10am, where the special will re-air in the regular Martha Stewart Show slot. Here are a few pictures to give you …

Pumpkin Faces

Behind the Scenes : Pumpkin Faces

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Just a little pumpkin carving can go a long way—take it from these guys. People aren’t the only ones to dress up for Halloween. In the October issue of Martha Stewart Living, you’ll find some pumpkin costumes to get your patch picks ready for the big night. They require barely any carving and just a …