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Beautiful Crackled Boxes

Behind the Scenes : Beautiful Crackled Boxes

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I had such a fun time on television demonstrating our new Martha Stewart Crafts Paint line with Martha. We made these beautiful crackled boxes—perfect for gifts and jewelry. Beth writes: “Have you tried the crackle effect on the papier-mâché boxes or the jewelry cardboard boxes?” The answer is yes, Beth. The boxes we used were …

Pet Costumes

Behind the Scenes : Pet Costumes

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One of my favorite projects was the pet costume story in this month’s issue of Living. After rounding up some of the best-looking staff pets, pulling together simple costumes—both handmade and store-bought—and gathering handfuls of tasty treats (after all, every trick has its price), we rallied together for a very hands-on photo shoot. Who knew wrangling …

Halloween Special Issue Costumes

Behind the Scenes : Halloween Special Issue Costumes

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I had SO much fun developing the costumes for this year’s Halloween Special Issue. You’ve seen Martha’s “Motha” costume in action, but have you seen the other six B-Movie-themed costumes that accompany her? Flip through the pages of the special issue and you’ll find some classic camp characters reinvented with basic supplies found at hardware …

Behind the Scenes : October's iPad Animation

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You may recognize this photo from October’s Living. If you take a look at October’s iPad version of Living, you’ll also find this animation (along with several more animated surprises and instructional videos!). We shot for eight hours and took 221 photos to create this Halloween animation. And you have no idea how much black …

A Peek Inside Our Drawers

Behind the Scenes : A Peek Inside Our Drawers

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[We mean our TV set drawers!] Our rule since the beginning has been that everything on the set WORKS. Nothing is simply a prop. You’ve seen the beautifully styled craft room, and probably noticed the gorgeous ribbon, fabric, and tools that our talented stylist Chip Glynn sets out to coordinate with every season. But did …

Halloween Special Issue!

Behind the Scenes : Halloween Special Issue!

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Have you seen the new Halloween Special Issue? Be sure to run out a grab a copy! It’s chock-full of festive ideas for costumes, decorations, and recipes. If you’ve already studied it front to back, you’ll notice Martha’s fabulous “Motha” costume, which graces the cover. That said, I wanted to take a moment to highlight …

Tramp Art Frames

Behind the Scenes : Tramp Art Frames

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For years I have admired Tramp Art, produced after the Civil War through the 1930s. The techniques are much older, originating in Germany and Scandinavia. I am especially fond of the frames. Their eccentric, geometric forms dazzle and hypnotize, creating graphic alters around whatever is placed within them. Often they are quite expensive at flea …

Martha on HSN!

Behind the Scenes : Martha on HSN!

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Tune in to HSN on July 21 at midnight ET (meaning tonight, the night of the 20th!) to see Martha and our own Alex Perruzzi demonstrate some new and favorite tools, embellishments, kits, and great craft ideas, including our NEW craft paint products that you won’t find anywhere else! We’re very excited about our new paints, …