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Behind the Scenes : Summer Postcards

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For our August issue we created these summer postcards, inspired by die-cut “object” postcards that were popular about a century ago in England, and featured in The World of Interiors a while back. We thought it would be cool to update the idea with photographs rather than illustrations—and develop something that people could make and …


Behind the Scenes : Bandannas

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While working on the bandannas story with the collecting department (for the July issue of Living), I learned that this humble cloth has quite a history. Made famous by Martha Washington, and popularized by cowboys and rock-n-rollers, the bandanna has become a symbol of Americana. Using only indigo-blue ones, we found many ways to feature vintage …

Bike Parade

Behind the Scenes : Bike Parade

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It’s been almost a year since we were out in Telluride for the Fourth of July bike parade—how time flies! For July’s Living, we wanted to do a story on the American tradition of the bike parade, and after some research, we found one in Telluride, Colorado, that sounded pretty special. Just so happens the …

Behind the Scenes : Craft Room Finds

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It seems there’s a surprise around every corner of this office. One of the best things about working here is stumbling upon really beautiful materials and objects that are either unplanned, unused, or waiting to be repurposed. Below are some of my favorite examples of the craft room’s little wonders and surprises; pumpkins waiting to …

Our Parties

Behind the Scenes : Our Parties

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In honor of the Entertaining theme of June’s Living… I’ve put together a gallery of photos from a few of our parties over the years.  We’re always looking for fun themes for the various birthday parties, baby showers, etc, that we have around the office- we’d love to hear about your favorite party ideas of …

Behind the Scenes : Handmade Jewelry

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In the May 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living I created a handmade jewelry story. It was inspired by a few vintage pieces I had found in the Brooklyn flea market. This is one of the many ways we find inspiration for craft stories in the magazine. You find innovation in the past and translate …

Special Mother's Day Insert

Behind the Scenes : Special Mother's Day Insert

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You may have noticed a special little surprise in the May issue of Living… Our TOP SECRET Mother’s Day insert! Pull out this mini booklet and find 15 pages full of fun projects for Mom—for kids’ eyes only! You’ll find craft projects, recipes, and clip art by the amazing Erin Jang. Kids will love this …

Behind the Scenes : Our May Cover

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The cover of our May issue, shot by Ditte Isager, features two projects from our poppies story from the issue, which was a big collaboration between our crafts, style, garden, and food departments. Our idea was to take inspiration from the many varieties of poppies—Oriental, which includes an unbelievable range of colors and types, most …