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Behind the Scenes : Cleaning Up for the New Year

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Some of you may remember some our very first posts where we talked about our move from 42nd Street and organizing the crafts room. We do our best to keep the crafts room neat, but with seven people constantly crafting, it is always in need of a little sprucing up. More like a lot of …

Holiday Gift Guide

Behind the Scenes : Holiday Gift Guide

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This December, we did our first holiday gift guide in Living. The guide was carefully curated by Martha and the editors, including special deals and offers for our readers! Each department has its own page of picks. There’s something for everyone on your list, and at every price point. Take a look at these incredibly …

Tags, Ties & Toppers

Behind the Scenes : Tags, Ties & Toppers

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Flip to page 87 of your December issue of Living and you’ll find 55 tags, ties, and toppers—that’s right—55 different gift embellishment ideas! Most of which can be made from craft scraps and office supplies you may already have around the house. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re the type who likes to craft a …

Bright & Beautiful

Behind the Scenes : Bright & Beautiful

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When I joined the magazine, my first assignment was the outdoor lighting story featured in the December issue of Living. Eric, Marcie, and I traveled to beautiful Vermont with the promise of heavy snowfall, but we met many challenges along the way: a HEAVY 16-foot tree, slippery farm roads, and unpredictable weather patterns, to name …

The December Living Cover

Behind the Scenes : The December Living Cover

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The December issue of Living hit the stands this week! It’s full of tons of great holiday ideas—so many, in fact, that we couldn’t choose just one cover. There are THREE covers on each magazine! Here’s a behind the scenes peek at the photo shoot. Look out for more “Behind the Scenes” from the December …

Behind the Scenes : Made for a Cause

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Here is a peek at what I have been working on for this year’s Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair. There are three pieces in the collection, each with a different meaning, and with proceeds from each going to benefit a different organization I feel passionate about. . . The Chimp I was lucky to have …

Behind the Scenes : Our First Digital Issue: Sculpey Jewelry

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For the first digital issue of Martha Stewart Living, titled “Boundless Beauty,” we wanted to include a handmade-jewelry story. I brought up Sculpey polymer clay, with a vision to make it modern and give a nod to the Bakelite jewelry that was popular during the first half of the 20th century. I have a secret obsession …

Behind the Scenes : Thanksgiving Story in November Issue of Martha Stewart Living

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People ask me all the time  how we come up with new ideas for stories month after month. Well, often one project inspires the next. I had tried to dye pom-poms for my dipping story in our August issue. The pom-poms didn’t take the dye in an even way, which didn’t quite work with the …