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Halloween BONE jewelry

Behind the Scenes : Halloween BONE jewelry

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When I heard we were having a bone show for Halloween, I wondered what Martha could wear to go with the theme. She already had her spellbinding sorceress costume, so instead of transforming her, I thought maybe she could wear a few bold pieces of jewelry. Originally I was caught up with making a real …

Behind the Scenes : Dyeable Yarn

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Do you recognize these yarns from the “Great Finds” section in the November issue of Living? Did you know that we dyed them ourselves? Dharma Trading has a new selection of natural yarns for dyeing—about 50 different kinds! We dyed our yarns the day before the photo shoot, and since they needed time to dry, we …

Halloween Special 2010

Behind the Scenes : Halloween Special 2010

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Hopefully everyone was able to check out the Halloween Special that aired on Hallmark last night. If you didn’t, check your local listings to find out when it re-airs. Today I am sharing photos I took while taping the segments with Brendan Fraser. An amazing set was built in one of Martha’s buildings on her …

The October Living Cover

Behind the Scenes : The October Living Cover

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Anyone who subscribes to Living may have noticed that there are TWO October covers: one that is sent to our subscribers, and one that is on newsstands. Those two covers were painstakingly chosen from several options—we want only the best for our readers. Here is a behind-the-scenes peek at the process of our October cover …

Behind the Scenes: Fine Specimens

Behind the Scenes : Behind the Scenes: Fine Specimens

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Sometimes our stories come together in the strangest ways. One idea sparks another and you end up trying something exciting and new. This is what happened with our “Fine Specimens” feature this October. We had the idea to create a “cabinet of curiousities” for Halloween but weren’t sure how we would bring it to life. …

Pumpkin Carving

Behind the Scenes : Pumpkin Carving

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Have you seen the October issue of Living yet?  It is filled with tons of great Halloween craft ideas, including a really fun pumpkin carving story that uses the idea of carve-by-colors (similar to paint-by-numbers.) I know Halloween is over a month away, but as soon as that fall chill is in the air, the …

Martha’s Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

Behind the Scenes : Martha’s Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

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Every year the pressure is on to create a fresh look for Martha’s Halloween costume that graces the cover of the Halloween Handbook, which is currently available at your local newsstand. This year I started with a few concepts that were inspired by various themes. Together with Martha, we narrowed the ideas down to a …

Behind the Scenes : Tassel-Making in the September Issue of Martha Stewart Living

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I’m like a little kid in the candy store when I get to work on a story involving yarn. For the “Tied and True” story in the new September issue of Martha Stewart Living, I spent lots of time at Purl Soho and Habu picking out various yarn types and colors. Then I went to Michaels and sat …