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Announcing Martha Stewart Crafts Studio at Beaches Resorts!

Behind the Scenes : Announcing Martha Stewart Crafts Studio at Beaches Resorts!

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Exciting news: today Martha announces on her show the launch of Martha Stewart Crafts Studio™ at Beaches Resorts. We developed five classes exclusively for Beaches Resorts using our Martha Stewart Crafts tools where guests can create handcrafted and personal souvenirs of their stay. The five classes are: Fun with Glitter, Scrapbooking, Stencil Fashions, Punch & Stencil …

Collecting for Inspiration: Embroidered Cards

Behind the Scenes : Collecting for Inspiration: Embroidered Cards

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I love to collect vintage cards, tags and other paper goods that I find at flea markets, tag sales and antique stores.  I tend to buy the inexpensive ones and often look through them to get inspired.  For the  May issue of Living I was asked to develop a project that was inspired by a …

May Good Things

Behind the Scenes : May Good Things

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Have you seen this month’s Living yet?  Here’s a sneak peek into the photo shoot from May Good Things (a lot of hard work goes into these shoots, but we still manage to have fun…

Behind the Scenes : The world's most blogged-about bird (post follow-up)

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You may remember when our colleague Kristin received an unusual and extremely thoughtful Christmas gift from her boyfriend: a collection of friends’ artistic interpretations of her pet bird, Pico. Here at work, we’re no strangers to how obsessed this girl is with her bird, so for Kristin’s April birthday, we coworkers figured there was no …

A good home for a bad craft.

Behind the Scenes : A good home for a bad craft.

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Now that Easter is behind us I thought I’d share with you a project that didn’t quite cut the mustard. I started out with good intentions of making a bunny from recycled materials and household items. The template I designed for the bunny’s skeletal structure came along smoothly. After I assembled the pieces together, I …

Pressed Plants

Around Town : Pressed Plants

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Now that easter has come and gone, I’m posting about one more crafts story in the April issue, The Art of pressing Plants. This was such a fascinating story to develop. The idea we started with was simple: explore the traditional technique of botanical pressing, but on a much larger scale, then come up with …

On the road

Behind the Scenes : On the road

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Two weeks ago, Marcie and I went to the City of Brotherly Love to tape a segment for “talk philly,” a daily lifestyle TV program starring local legend Pat Ciarrocchi. Marcie shared tips for Easter-themed projects:  layered candy jars, embellished paper baskets, and papier mache eggs. Here are some pictures – courtesy of our friend …

Sneak Peek at Stitch Fest

Behind the Scenes : Sneak Peek at Stitch Fest

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Check out some behind the scenes photos of The Crafts Dept. setting up for tonight’s Stitch Fest…