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Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

Celebrate : Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

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Our new crafts book has arrived! Just in time, too—Halloween is just around the corner. After that, it’s a whirlwind of celebrations: Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and then Christmas! If you are inspired to make something for the holidays, we’ve got you covered from A to Z—or rather, from New Year’s Eve to Christmas Day. No more worrying …

Back to School Treat Bags

Celebrate : Back to School Treat Bags

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How does summer always go so quick? It is already time to go back to school?! A little while ago Blake showed me these adorable little bags, knowing how much I love things with the lines and grids. I ordered them right away for a small back-to-school treat for my kids. A few years ago I …

Celebrate : Money Gift Box

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My son was recently invited to his first Bar Mitzvah. After asking around, I quickly found out that money was the desired gift to bring. I guess that makes it easy, but at least I wanted to make the packaging a little fun. So I came across this website and started folding. It was quite …

Father's Day...

Celebrate : Father's Day...

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…is Sunday! Thanks to all the Dads, Papas, and Pops that taught us how to ride a bike, took us camping, helped us move into our first apartment, and were there when we needed you most (even if it was the middle of the night and we were just finishing our shift at the movie …

Baby Shower Decorations

Celebrate : Baby Shower Decorations

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For the May issue, I worked with stylist (and friend) Sarah Smart on a story about a baby shower thrown for another coworker of ours, Elizabeth Colling, a former food editor here at Living. Neither of us had really done this kind of thing before…but we really went for it. The shower had a library …

Mother's Day Craft and Giveaway!

Celebrate : Mother's Day Craft and Giveaway!

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I wanted to share an easy Mother’s Day gift idea and another great craft (see gallery below), both using our Martha Stewart Crafts Screw Punch. To celebrate Mother’s Day, we will be giving away a screw punch and set of our 24 pack of glitter!! (See below for details.) One of our talented crafters, Emily …

Celebrate : Kids' Birthday Thank-You "Notes"

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The invites for our Spring Swim party were a huge success, as was the party…which inspired me to do more than just send a written thank-you note. When I came across these mini frisbees, I figured they fit with the summer theme. My son was thrilled. Using a 2 1/2″ punch, we cut circles out …

Easter Surprise - It's an Egg Dyeing App!

Celebrate : Easter Surprise - It's an Egg Dyeing App!

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We mentioned in our April issue that we had an Easter Surprise up our sleeves. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Egg Dyeing 101 — our very first crafts app for the iPhone! We selected our favorite ideas for egg projects and compiled them into a gallery of 101 egg images, complete …