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Celebrate : Stitch Fest - Not Sold Out

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There have been a few inquiries and just to dispell any confusion –  There are still tickets available for Stitch Fest.  It is the tote bag class that sold out.  Tickets are $30.00 and with that you receive a copy of the book, drinks and nibbles, demos, make and takes and prizes will be raffled …

Celebrate : You are invited to Stitch Fest!

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As you all seem to be just as excited about Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts as we are, you may be happy to know that we’re having a big ‘Sewing Fest’ to celebrate the launch of the new book.  The event takes place April 1st at our offices in the Starrett Lehigh …

Celebrate : far away birthday

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Somehow many of my loved ones are far far away, and when there is a celebration in their lives I can’t physically be part of, I always find myself having to come up with new ways to throw them a ‘party’ from here. Not there to make a Mothersday breakfast for my mom inspired this …

Celebrate : Packaging Treats for Purim

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The Jewish holiday Purim starts Saturday night. The celebration includes costumes, noise makers, wine, triangular cookies called hamantaschen, and best of all, mandatory gifts of well packaged treats. Purim treats, also called mishloach manot, must include at least two kinds of food that are ready to eat, and should be exchanged on Purim day. Here …

Goodbye Party

Celebrate : Goodbye Party

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We recently said goodbye to our dear coworker Susanna.  She used to work for the Martha Stewart Crafts line designing some of your favorite products.  The treats were delicious and the decor was impeccable.  I love the scale shift between the giant “We’ll Miss You Susanna” sign hanging from the ceiling, and the tiny “We’ll …

Celebrate : valentine treats

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As my boys get older, it seems they don’t want anything to do with things that say ‘cute’, ‘sweet’, ‘mine’ or ‘yours’, and especially ‘love’ (yuck !) …. in a few years that will probably come back (for a specific person, rather than the whole class), but for now Valentine’s Day has gotten to be …

a surprise party!

Celebrate : a surprise party!

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Yesterday we held surprise party for Morgan and Silke, whose winter birthdays are very close together… We had a cozy wintry theme of chocolate and tea. See below for some really easy decorating ideas. Silke ended up bringing in homemade chocolate mousse because we’d told her the party was for just Morgan… We felt a …

Celebrate : teacher's gift

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Time to remember the teachers and all they do throughout the year. As I mentioned before, I like giving food gifts, as to not add to their collection of mismatched mugs. For Christmas I usually make granola and then package it with some store bought honey and tea ( I love the simple packaging of …