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Have You Seen This? : An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

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This is a coloring book even adults will want to use. We were floored when Living’s Senior Editor Melissa Ozawa showed us this stunning new project by artist Johanna Basford.  Each drawing is so incredibly detailed. To learn more about this talented illustrator, click here. Her blog is also worth taking a look…

Have You Seen This? : Brook&Lyn

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I have never wanted to learn to weave more since seeing these amazing pieces by artist Mimi Jung: These beautiful works of yarn, copper, and sometimes natural elements (like palm bark and conifers) are all handwoven in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of New York’s Cooper Union, Mimi is a multi-faceted artist who has worked …

Have You Seen This? : Carve-a-Stamp Kit from Yellow Owl Workshop

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We love Christine of Yellow Owl Workshop, so we were delighted when we heard she was coming out with a custom rubber stamp kit. It comes with easy instructions, 25 templates, a carve-a-stamp block and multiple tools (ink, blades, etc.). Once you make your stamp, you can print on paper and fabric. The kit is …

Have You Seen This? : The Sketchbook Project

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My friend recently took a trip to NYC with his family so that his 10-year-old daughter Soli could participate in The Sketchbook Project. The Sketchbook Project is an interactive art project with a community of over 75 000 people worldwide.  Anyone can participate by creating a sketchbook that will become part of the library’s archive. (photo …

Have You Seen This? : thank you 'gift'

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Every time I order from this great place Brookfarm General Store in Brooklyn (it’s where I get the Postalco notebooks I love so much), I’m so happy to open the package and find their little ‘thank you’ included. So when I just received another order (psst, it’s for Blake), I just had to share this with everyone. …

Have You Seen This? : 'emitips'

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It is still cold in the mornings as I’m waiting for the train , and I always am quite jealous of all the men with their touchscreen compatible gloves checking their iphones, as my fingers are freezing. I just could never get myself to buy any of those gloves, as they usually look like – well, …

Have You Seen This? : Hello Sandwich Tokyo Guide Zine

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We love blogger, crafter, and paper genius Ebony Bizys of Hello Sandwich. Remember her amazing work in our Gift Wrap Challenge?   She’s just released at 60-page Tokyo Guide, including a large section on her favorite local craft shops. If you have plans of traveling there (ever), you’ll want a copy. Click here to order. …

Have You Seen This? : Fog Linen online

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We’ve long been admiring Fog Linen’s products. But even though some of our favorite shops in New York carry a few of their things, there was never everything we had seen and loved at the tradefair. So I was so happy to find out about their online shop. Not only do they have all those …