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Around Town : Exploring the Sanibel Shell Fair: 75th Anniversary!

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All year I receive the same question from avid crafters and collectors; what can I do or make with all of the shells I have collected on my vacation? To answer your question, I would like to share with you some of the photos I took at the 75th year of the Sanibel Shell Fair …

Inspiration Board : refreshing teacher's gift

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During my annual search for ideas for what to give as teacher’s gifts, I didn’t go far – I asked my son what makes him think of summer : no school of course, ice cream (well, I did that already), the beach, ice cold lemonade …  At this time of year we can all use a cool …

Inspiration Board : BurdaStyle on Martha Stewart Living Radio

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If you tune in regularly to Martha Stewart Living Radio (on Sirius XM 110), you’ve probably heard Marcie and Blake on their new monthly show “The Crafting Hour.” Each month they discuss a variety of handmade projects and field questions from callers. We’re excited to announce that on today’s show, Marcie and Blake will be …

Inspiration Board : The July Issue of Living!

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Have you seen the gorgeous, gooey s’mores that grace the cover of the July issue of Living? If you haven’t, the magazine just hit newsstands so run out and get your copy! Here are a few of our favorite picks from the issue: On page 110 you’ll find our Block-Printing story. We’ve got a plethora …

Inspiration Board : Crafting Playlist

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I have been downloading a bunch of new music lately .  It is so convenient and immediate but I have to say I miss having physical CD’s and Album covers – better for the planet of course but I do enjoy them,  especially the clever ones.  Here are some that I really like.  Oh – my …

Inspiration Board : Our Favorite Craft Room Bins

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Our Craft Room is chock-full of bins. Hundreds of bins: paint bins, yarn bins, bins for every supply and material you could imagine. (Or couldn’t imagine even if you tried: Cookie cutters! Dremel bits! Pots and pans! Glow-sticks! to name a few…) Today I thought we’d showcase a few of our favorite bins and why. …

Inspiration Board : Funny Food

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How would you like to wake up to these guys tomorrow morning? Photos by Bill Wurtzel Or read the morning paper with this lady? This little fella looks delicious, nutritious, and well-dressed. Bill Wurtzel offers 365 fun and healthy ways to craft your breakfast in his new book Funny Food.  Each work of food art …

Inspiration Board : June Issue Highlights!

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The June issue of Living is now on newsstands! It’s packed with great ideas, recipes, and tips to help kick off your summer. Silke and Jodi will be showing you projects from the issue later this week, but for now here are our favorite hightlights from this month’s magazine. Head to page 45 to see …