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Make It : Birch Coasters

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For the first time in history my aunt, not my mother, will be hosting Thanksgiving so I needed to think of a hostess gift. Not only are these coasters great for any autumn-time party, but they are the perfect way to show my aunt Claire our appreciation on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a good thing they’re so easy to …

Make It : Thanksgiving Crafts

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Thanksgiving, while late this year, snuck up on me nonetheless! I If you are feeling the same way, check Good Things in our November issue where we have a few crafts for your holiday table that can easily be made before next week. The Mayflower-sail straws and Pilgrim hat cups pictured above will liven up …

Make It : recycled magazine postcards

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  Throwing away pieces of yarn, fabric, wrapping paper and magazines is always difficult for me. You never know where you might use them, no ?! However, after months of magazines piled up, I figured I’d have to do something. I started by tearing out the beautiful pages, which already made the pile smaller. And, after …

Make It : Holiday Craft with the new Deluxe Scoring Board

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The Martha Stewart Crafts team has been developing some really great new tools and they will be available just in time for holiday crafting.    Next Thursday, November 14th, I will appear on HSN to debut some of these great new Martha Stewart Crafts products! One of the tools that I am most excited about …

Make It : Birthday Balloon Craft!

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Today’s post is from our Editor-at-Large, Rory Evans. She came up with a super clever use for our decoupaged balloon technique!! From Rory: If you’re planning a preschooler’s birthday party, there’s perhaps no better place to work than Martha Stewart Living. I was reminded of this in August, when my daughter was turning 4 just …

Make It : Halloween Balloon Crafts

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On page 100 of our October issue, we show an easy technique for decoupaging balloons to create big bright Halloween decorations. Using decoupage finish and thin black construction paper, along with a few party store staples such as crepe paper steamers and tissue paper garlands, you can turn balloons into jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, moons, bats and …

Make It : Styrofoam Cup Lanterns!

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One evening at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, I spotted a glowing skull lantern sitting on a windowsill. From afar, it looked like it was made out of porcelain but it turned out to be something that my teenage nephew, Jacob, made out of a Styrofoam cup! I wasn’t surprised. Jacob is a lifelong artist/crafter/tinkerer. He …

Make It : Decoupage Your Halloween Costume!

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Halloween is getting dangerously close and if you’re like me, you’ve been thinking about your costume since September, but haven’t had the time to actually make anything! Or sometimes, your imagination is just too big for your budget or crafting abilities, and we totally get that. Using Martha Stewart Craft Decoupage, you can craft your …