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Celebrate : Spider Art

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Today’s post is from Anduin Havens, the Director of Video Design here at Martha Stewart. I usually don’t watch horror movies or like to be scared, but Halloween is the one time of the year that I embrace the macabre and creepy! It’s even more fun when I can combine it with my love of …

Make It : simple lamp(shade)s

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Ever since producing this story about making your own lampshades for our September issue of Martha Stewart Living, I’ve been wanting to make one for my own house. I just can’t decide which one ….. Do I make this quickest one of them all, which is simply glueing 2 Ikea lampshades - one up, one down – …

Make It : Epoxy Clay Jewelry

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I have always loved scouring through bead stores and picking out cameos and epoxy clay flowers.  As much as I loved a lot of them,  I always wished that I could customize them.  This was one of the reasons that we developed our new air-cure Jewelry Epoxy Clay.  It allows you to create custom cabochons …

Make It : Paper Pups

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  I’ve been a fan of origami since I was a little kid and I’m certain that’s why Paper Pups caught my eye.  We receive a lot of awesome books here in The Crafts Department but I was drawn to this book because of the bold design and the expressive group of dogs on the …

Make It : New Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel

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I have always been a huge fan of enameled jewelry in fashion, and was so excited when we started developing our new Craft Jewelry Enamel.  It is the first air-cure, nail-hard, durable, and high gloss enamel available to crafters. You can use it to  personalize or update jewelry that you already own or it can …

Make It : Moustache Birthday Card

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The moustache craze does not seem to be waning with my niece and nephew.  They still find them hilarious.  I recently came across a large scale posable one and couldn’t resist the opportunity to incorporate it into their birthday cards.  I enlarged a recent photo of each of them and made it black and white.  It …

Make It : fabric laminated trays

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Have you seen these laminated trays in the July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living !? They’re my new favorite project. I  chose red, white and blue patterns for this 4th July story , but they’ll look great all summer, or year for that matter. I’ve since made several as gifts for my dearest friends,  who …

Make It : 4th July t-shirts

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Do you have figured out what you’ll wear for 4th of July (or the whole summer, for that matter)?! Take a look at these simple striped t-shirts from our July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living. All you need is a plain t-shirt, fabric paint, painters tape and a brush. Create the stripes by sticking down …