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Skinny Tie Tutorial

Make It : Skinny Tie Tutorial

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Today’s guest post is from Penelope, a Senior Research Editor at Living with a great craftover idea up her sleeves: “My husband, Mike, is a pretty dapper fellow—he loves to get gussied up in a suit and tie. And for a while now, he has really liked the look of skinny neckties. But he really …

A Ginormous Valentine

Make It : A Ginormous Valentine

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Martha loves over-the-top vlentines and always requests we develop a craft project with an enormous heart. A large white heart-shaped box, a giant heart card, and an oversize heart made from carnations are just some of the projects we have created. And for this year? A tabletop-size open heart box filled with all kinds of …

Make It : Gift for a (Future) Bread Baker

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When my dear friend came to visit, I made the no-knead bread for her. (I must admit a slight obsession with baking that bread … it is almost as satisfying to me as finishing a perfectly crafted/sewn/knit gift). My friend loved the bread, but given that she lives far away and I can’t make it …

Colorful Cupcakes

Make It : Colorful Cupcakes

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One thing that I have learned from baking with my niece and nephew is that after cracking the eggs, the most exciting part for them is decorating. Last weekend we decided to do some early valentine baking and instead of waiting till the end for the decorating, we colored the batter to make the mixing …

Make It : Wedding Dolls

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My sweet little (or not so little) cousin just got married. A perfect small wedding, no white dress, no registry…just a very happy young couple. I’m sad I couldn’t be there, but thought it was silly to send fancy dishes or napkins, as that is just not the life they live, in a little cottage …

Valentine Sticker Charm Bracelet—How Charming!

Make It : Valentine Sticker Charm Bracelet—How Charming!

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Sometimes I get an idea stuck in my head, but I’m not too sure what I’m going to do about executing it. With Valentine’s Day descending on us, I have had heart charms on my mind. Wanting to make a bracelet, but not too clear on what I wanted to make the charms from, it …

Make It : Knitting 101

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Today’s post comes to us from Liz Adler, assistant editor with an impeccable eye and incredible style to boot: “As a member of the style department, I work alongside the crafters as they develop their stories.  I am always inspired by their super fun projects, so this winter I decided to learn how to knit. …

Make It : An Overseas Care Package

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My little brother is leaving tomorrow to study abroad for the semester, so my sister and I put together a travel-themed care package for him. We sent it over a few days early so it would be waiting for him when he gets there. If you have seen the new February issue of Living, you’ll …