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Meet : Kid Crafter Katie!

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Katie N. has been sewing since she was 8 years old. Her love of hand sewing started with a pillow kit that she tried with the help of her mom, Karla. For fun she started sewing dragons (dragons have been another of her passions…check out her cut-paper animation here). Friends and family saw her creations …

Meet : Jay Mohler

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Although the term “God’s Eye” might conjure memories of summer camp, one artist has truly elevated this simple craft with a respectful nod to its origins. WHO:  Jay Mohler WHAT:  Ojos de Dios weaver WHERE:  Mars Hill, NC WHEN:  late 1960′s, after seeing his first Ojo de Dios in Mexico’s Guadalajara marketplace. WHY:   Jay has been …

Meet : Virginia Johnson

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I have been a fan of Virginia Johnson’s work for many years – her painterly style always feels bright and airy; carefree yet elegant.  I recently visited the flagship store and found out she is also from Canada, which made me beam just a little bit. WHO:  Virginia Johnson WHAT:  Illustrator and Textile Designer WHERE:  Toronto, ON WHEN: …

Meet : Stephen Zeh

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On page 113 of Living you will find an image of several handled baskets nestled neatly inside one another. These hand-woven beauties are brought to us by basket maker Stephen Zeh. What’s unique about these baskets is that Stephen has a hand in every step of the process. He forages the woods near his home …

Meet : For the Makers

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In the “American Made” section of the April issue of Living, you’ll find a small piece on the fairly new company For the Makers. For the Makers is a subscription based company with a bit of a twist: sign up and receive a kit in the mail with all the supplies needed to make a certain …

Meet : Maricor/Maricar

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A friend sent me an email the other day titled “typography + craft + food” and a link to the new food signage at the Hong Kong International Airport.  Unbeknownst to him, I have been a big fan of these artists for years. WHO:  Twin sisters Maricor and Maricar Manalo WHAT:  Graphic Designers, illustrators, animators, …

Inspiration Board : Space Crafting - A Tweet Chat with Karen Nyberg

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  We were both excited and curious when we got a call from NASA last week.  They told us that Astronaut Karen Nyberg is an avid crafter and that she plans to craft in space.  Karen is part of Expedition 36 to the International Space Station and she will be launching on May 28th 2013 – returning …

Meet : Rajiv Surendra

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A little while ago, I attended a talk and noticed this sign in the adjacent coffeehouse: Shortly after, I saw this in a local spice shop: As I spotted more and more chalkboards in the same hand, I was determined to find the person in charge of revitalizing the city’s signage. WHO:  Rajiv Surendra WHAT: …