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Meet : Athena

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A lot of the projects I work on outside of the office involve some form of printmaking… I have a longstanding fascination with the range of processes that fall under this category and the look of printed imagery in all of its many forms. I also like to collaborate with my friends – as when …

Meet : Morgan Levine

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You’ve already seen the Crafter Profiles in April’s Living. This week we’re introducing some of our other crafty contributors… My first freelance job at Martha Stewart involved making about a billion crepe paper daffodils. After that, I was hooked. Dennison, a crepe paper manufacturer, popularized crepe flower making as a cheap and fun way to …

Meet : Blake & Corinne

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The April issue of Living profiles 4 of our craft editors and their personal work. We are excited to highlight the work of a few more of our talented creators here. First up, editors Blake Ramsey & Corinne Gill. Stay tuned for more profiles of other blog contributors later this week! As office mates in …

Meet : Our Crafters at Home

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  In the April issue of Living there is a story that profiles  members of the crafts department and the projects that they work on outside of the office.   (photo gallery)  The crafters at Martha Stewart Living all have varied backgrounds and the work they do on their own really reflects this.  Later this week …