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Our Library : Pattern Design

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More from our library… This book, Twentieth Century Pattern Design is a great resource. I bought it when it was first published, and recently realized that it was my inroduction to a lot of design I’d never seen before. Lesley’s Jackson’s writing is really fascinating. The page above is from the section on Scandinavian designers, …

Our Library : Treehouses of the World

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More from our library…We stock our shelves with plenty of craft books and visual reference books for inspiration, but these days I’m especially enamored with Pete Nelson and Radek Kurzaj’s book Treehouses of the World.  The treehouses featured exhibit a magical brand of craftiness and ingenuity, though the scale of these craft projects are a …

Our Library : inspiring books

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More from our library… Sometimes excitement over one particular book or resource will be the starting point for a whole story or craft project. Here are a few more of our favorites, each very different but all worth seeking out because they are so amazingly dense with inspiration, and such a pleasure to read and …

Our Library : Scrapbooking - The Old-Fashioned Way

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Since May is ‘Scrapbooking Month’ as well as Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it was a good time to share my grandmother’s cookbook with you. Until not long ago, she would bake a cake every 2 days, so that she and my grandfather could have home made cake with their daily 3pm coffee . …

Our Library : bloom

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From our Library: ….. well, actually from the Style Library. But since I personally own the book (thank you Shane), I thought it would still count. Bloom is an incredible magazine by Li Edelkoort, which is still published and worth looking at (and investing in, if you can). This book is a selection from the …

Our Library : Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

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More from our library…alright, I know, it seems a little contrived to slip our new Crafts Encyclopedia into our Library Posts, but I just had to, because, the truth is, it’s one of our favorites. I only joined the department at the tail end of the book’s development, so I’m definitely not tooting my own …

Our Library : Embroidery Sampler

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More from our library . . . Sometimes our shelves surprise us with a book we had no idea we had and have a hard time guessing how we got it. The move unearthed a few of these treasures and it was really a pleasure to look through them. This scrapbook was one of those …

Our Library : Crafts in the South Pacific

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More from our library…This book Pacific Pattern is one of my favorites, it explores patterns in fabric and fiber in the South Pacific. It has amazing photos of pattern used in all aspects of life, from architecture to clothing and quilting…