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Finished Baby Quilt (Follow-Up!)

Our Sources : Finished Baby Quilt (Follow-Up!)

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Back in September, I blogged about some of my favorite quilting sources while I was in the midst of making baby quilts. To my own surprise, I actually finished one of them before the recipient reached college! Thanks to his photographer mom, Rhea Ramey, I have some great photos to share with you. To create …

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

Our Sources : Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

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Today’s post is written by Ashley Little, a web producer for When I began working at as a web producer, I was an avid knitter and never devoted much time to sewing.  After taking a few Martha Stewart employee sewing classes, I was hooked. One pillow, two aprons, and three tote bags later, …

Habu Textiles

Our Sources : Habu Textiles

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This store is hardly just a yarn store, and certainly not the kind of yarn store you may be used to. Located on the 8th floor in a nondescript building in New York’s flower district, Habu Textiles is more like a work room and when you enter, you feel like you’ve entered the world of some very …

Leather Impact

Our Sources : Leather Impact

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New York is home to a vast array of specialty stores.  I had heard about Leather Impact’s tremendous leather selection, but only stopped by for the first time last week.  I don’t typically work with leather, so I had no idea what to expect.  They offer a HUGE range of cords and straps, along with …

Our Sources : Mother's Day

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Much as I hate to admit, dates always seem to escape my memory.  I have missed appointments (as well as consequently rescheduled appointments), shown up the day AFTER a party (gulp), and even forgotten a best friend’s birthday (double gulp)… So if you are anything like me, mark your calendars now:  May 9th is Mother’s …

The New Purl Soho

Our Sources : The New Purl Soho

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The Crafts Dept has always loved Purl & Purl Patchwork.   Who would have thought they could get any better?  They just did!  They’ve moved into a much bigger space and united into one amazing quilting & needle craft store at 459 Broome St.  Having everything in one location is certainly an exciting change.  This …

Tinsel Trading Company

Our Sources : Tinsel Trading Company

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The first time I ever entered Tinsel Trading Company, it was a random day when I walked by the window. Then, on a block full of ribbon stores, it was the only window that drew me in. I am not sure what year that was, but it was before I started working for Martha. When …

Our Sources : Economy Candy

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As Halloween approaches, we wanted to share one of our favorite candy resources with you.  In publishing, we develop seasonal stories throughout the year.   Since we use candy for favors and styling, like in the Halloween table setting below, we frequently need seasonal candy out of season. Luckily, we work close by to Economy Candy.  …