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Pumpkin-carving recap and ideas for Holiday photos

Make It : Pumpkin-carving recap and ideas for Holiday photos

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Okay, so it’s no secret that I had a baby, which apparently makes you go crazy and do all these cutesy things you normally wouldn’t do. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, but I REQUIRED that our little guy have his own pumpkin for Halloween. When it was pointed out to me that he …


Around Town : Hulaween!

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On Friday night I had the privilege and great pleasure to accompany Martha and various guests to the New York Restoration Project’s annual “Hulaween” party at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Hosted by none other than the fabulous Bette Midler, this year’s benefit was given the  theme of “Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead)” …

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Make It : Last Minute Halloween Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming up all sorts of fun ideas for the holiday, only to wait until the very last minute to take action.  Have no fear, we have tons of easy ideas for every part of your Halloween celebration!   You’re sure to find …


Make It : Owlies

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Today’s guest post was written by our friend Sarah Goldschadt, who has been known to get crafty from time to time. Sarah’s friends have just written a sweet book where all the projects are miniature, but don’t underestimate the punch of these pint-size crafts. That would be a big mistake. Big. Huge. “Hi Everyone! I’m …

Halloween Special Issue Costumes

Behind the Scenes : Halloween Special Issue Costumes

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I had SO much fun developing the costumes for this year’s Halloween Special Issue. You’ve seen Martha’s “Motha” costume in action, but have you seen the other six B-Movie-themed costumes that accompany her? Flip through the pages of the special issue and you’ll find some classic camp characters reinvented with basic supplies found at hardware …

Fashion Week Invites!

Inspiration Board : Fashion Week Invites!

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Fashion Week is upon us! New York is currently a flurry of excitement as Fashion Week settles in. Sadly, in order to attend you need to be the recipient of one of the amazing invitations below. The next best thing to attending (in my opinion) is drooling over these little masterpieces. After all, shouldn’t the …

Lunchbag Tutorial

Make It : Lunchbag Tutorial

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Today we have another post from our ever-crafty web producer Ashley Little: “I bring my lunch to work in a reusable container, stashed in my bag along with my wallet. Why is this a bad idea? Various things leak into my bag – salad dressings, mayonnaise, lemon juice – and wreak havoc on its contents. …

Singer Sewing Company

Our Sources : Singer Sewing Company

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Guess who’s turning 160 this year? One of our most dependable sources for quality, durability, and workmanship—Singer has always been there for us. No job is too small or too big for these mighty machines. With a story that has both historical (sewing machine production was halted from 1939 to 1944 to focus on making …