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Quick Halloween Party Crafts

Celebrate : Quick Halloween Party Crafts

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Halloween is RIGHT around the corner. If you’re having a party but are short on time (like I am) because (gulp) you haven’t finished your kid’s costumes yet, here are a few punched paper party details that take no time at all. I used some of my favorite Martha Stewart Craft punches (all available at …

Fabric Folding

Tools & Materials : Fabric Folding

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Recently I was asked how I cut perfect squares and rectangles from my quilt fabric. The secret, for me, is how I prep and fold it. This is the way my mom taught me, and by no means the only way, but I thought I’d share it in case you find a few tips to …

Vermont Wool

Tools & Materials : Vermont Wool

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This past Labor Day weekend my husband and I made our way up to Montgomery Center, Vermont. We had a wedding to attend in nearby East Berkshire, so we rented a ski cabin and decided to make a nice holiday weekend of it. I had plenty of time to explore before and after the wedding, …

Tools & Materials : Rit Dye

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When in doubt, dip it in Rit Dye. That’s been a ‘philosophy’ of mine for many many years. I remember as a teenager taking my dad’s shirts and overdyeing the pinstripes, re-dyeing washed out black denim (I might just be dating myself now), and updating my room by giving sheets and pillows a new color …

Tools & Materials : Moleskin Accordion File Folder

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Between work and home projects, I constantly have many fabric and paper swatches for color reference and inspiration all around me. Often when I’d be at a fabric store shopping for one story, I’d wished I had all my other swatches with me too. I’ve had this little moleskin folder to organize my receipts for …

Yes Paste

Tools & Materials : Yes Paste

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Morgan recently pointed out to me that one of my most favorite craft supplies is this glue, Yes! Paste, which I used for the first time on a story about making jewelry boxes several year ago. I used it to glue very heavy paper, very thin rice paper, and silk and velvet fabrics and was amazed …

Tools & Materials : Roll Call

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My mum is a secretary, so as a kid I spent lots of time under her desk playing with office supplies.  They always seemed so magical to me. My favourite activities were making doubles with carbon copy paper, squeezing the label maker with all my might to make PROPERTY OF STEPHANIE HUNG stickers, and punching feverishly …

Tools & Materials : The World of Eric Carle

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us have encountered Eric Carle’s illustrations at some point, and if you’re anything like me, that name even evokes a bit of nostalgia.  If the name doesn’t ring a bell, take a look at this guy below- Carle’s distinctive collage illustrations (made with hand painted papers) …