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Tools & Materials : Seersucker

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Seersucker, the typically striped, light, puckered cotton, is a perfect summer textile.  If you wear seersucker, its slack-tension weave creates pockets of air between you and your garment that keep you cool.  Its rough texture feels casual and needn’t be ironed. What better way to dress your table this summer?  We made these seersucker napkins …

I just FELT like crafting!

Make It : I just FELT like crafting!

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We love felt. I think I speak for all of us here  in the TV craft department when I make that statement. We use it so often—on all different kinds of craft projects—that we have amassed quite the collection of wool felts. All our felt is stored in plastic bins by color and take up …

Tools & Materials : Zenith Staplers

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One of my favorite office supplies- the Zenith Stapler!  These Italian staplers are sturdy, and come in fun colors.  They are easily stored flat in a desk drawer (at 3/4″ wide, they are very sleek!).  Best of all, the staples are tiny- 6mm as opposed to the 12mm size we are accustomed to.  Zenith Staplers …

Tools & Materials : Bogus Paper

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We typically tell you about tools we use for vey specific tasks.  Bogus paper, on the other hand, is a favorite material around our craft room because it is so versatile.   It’s 100% recycled, and the perfect shade of grey.   We’ve used it as table runners, place mats, gift wrap, and for card making.  It’s …

Tools & Materials : knitting needle gauge

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With drawers full of knitting needles I never know which one is which. I have US size and metric size, often the number is no longer visible, and if it wasn’t for this little tool, I would probably never start a new project out of frustration for not finding the right needles. So thanks to …

Tools & Materials : Storing Scraps

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I was inspired by Athena’s post on her scrap-box- here’s my  method for storing those precious bits and pieces.  Using a presentation book with plastic sleeves, I store paper scraps according to color.  This makes for a fairly neat and easily accessible stash of papers for card-making and small paper projects.  Though I find it …

Tools & Materials : I learned 3 new craft techniques in 2 days!

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I am back from my excursion to Tucson and have had a moment to step back and examine everything I have learned. Although I work as a professional “crafter”, there are many crafts I know little about and am certainly not an expert in. It was extremely nice to attended the Crystallized Elements workshops and …

Bias Tape Makers

Photo Galleries : Bias Tape Makers

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One of my favorite sewing tools is the bias tape maker. With the heat of an iron, this tool folds strips of fabric into perfect bias trim. It is commonly used to finish seams on the inside of garments and often used to complete the outside edge of a quilt. It’s usually not the focus …