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Tools & Materials : best wrapping bargain

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yes, I just showed you how I used this twine for my advent calendar. But, I also used the same spool for the last 3 years of advent calendars, plus birthday gifts, cookie bags, teacher gifts,  … pretty much every gift I ever have to wrap. It looks great with colored paper, kraft paper, doubled …

Tools & Materials : Fabric Storage

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With holiday crafting in full effect, my room had become a fabric explosion.  The mess was really starting to get to me (and it’s so much easier to work in an organized space!) so I decided to employ one of Corinne’s fabric storage techniques. Muji’s simple and functional Makeup Box  provides an easy and affordable solution to my …

Tools & Materials : Knitwit Availability

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If you’re having trouble tracking down a KnitWit after reading our story in December’s issue, don’t you worry.  It’s available in a few places.  We’ve spoken with the folks at and their online store should be working later today.  If you can’t wait that long, try,, or Haven’t seen the story …

Tools & Materials : Pilot HI-TEC-C

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I love these pens, the Pilot HI-TEC-C pen is so great because it has such a fine point, they are available in 0.4 and 0.3 and even 0.25mm! There are lots of fine tip felt pens available but I’m a hard writer and I tend to destroy the felt tip. What I love about them is that …

Tools & Materials : PATP Instructions

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Thank you for the overwhelming response to the Punch Around The Page (or PATP for short) punches.  We’re so happy that you seem to be as excited about them as we are!  If you’re having trouble aligning the punches, here are some guidelines and measurements that will help you get it right every time. Just …

Tools & Materials : Punch Around the Page!

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I am so excited to finally be able to introduce our new “Punch Around the Page” punch to you! The MSC team developed a system of edge punches that correspond to matching corner punches. They enable you to punch a continuous border around a page. You start by punching the corners of a square or …

Tools & Materials : Craft Tool Center Launch

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We just launched our Craft Tool Center.  Be sure to check our handmade craft competition to win a Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts…

Tools & Materials : my swift

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Since I rarely have someone who is willing (and able) to hold a skein of yarn for me, I really treasure my swift. I love the way it spins around, while I roll the yarn into a small, soft ball. ( I also think it’s a beautiful object in itself !). You can get one …