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The Etsy Show!

TV Crafts : The Etsy Show!

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Last week’s Etsy show was a great success! We had an audience full of Etsy sellers and guests from all walks of life within the Etsy world. For those of you who may not know, is a wonderful e-commerce website that features over 15 million users (800,000 of whom are sellers) and is the …

Leather Fringed Wool Wrap

Make It : Leather Fringed Wool Wrap

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I’ve received several requests from viewers for a detailed process of the leather fringed wool shawl that I made for Martha’s cozy show. For those of you who plan to make their own shawl or scarf, hopefully this post will helpful. A woven fabric is said to be cut on the bias, or cross-grain, when the fabric’s warp …

Safari Animal Hooks

Make It : Safari Animal Hooks

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Friday’s Martha Stewart Show was our annual “Baby Shower Show,” featuring our favorite baby finds, a recipe for a “reveal cake” and, of course, a craft: these nursery hooks, which turn animal rumps and tails into a convenient organizational tool: Audience member Lizzy McGlynn did a fantastic job making these with Martha. Even though my …

A Sailor's Valentine

Photo Galleries : A Sailor's Valentine

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I may have only officially tied the knot this past October, but today, my husband and I are celebrating 10 years together. As cliche as it may be, Ashley did indeed sweep me off my feet on Valentine’s Day, so it is a special day for us. I made reservations about a month ago (it’s …

TV Crafts : Snow Day!

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It was a “snow day” here at The Martha Stewart Show yesterday. [If you missed it, did you know that every episode reruns the following day at 2 PM? That's today, so you can still check it out!]. My fellow TV Crafter Kristin St. Clair dreamed up a polar bear wonderland … and Jim Noonan …

TV Crafts : Glitter Shoe Fun

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  Recently on The Martha Stewart Show, we invited Erica Chan Coffman from the very popular blog Honestly…WTF to demonstrate the above glittered shoes with Martha. Who doesn’t love a good project that upgrades your fashion into looking designer without spending too much? Since glittered shoes seem to be everywhere this fall, it’s easy enough to …

Beautiful Crackled Boxes

Behind the Scenes : Beautiful Crackled Boxes

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I had such a fun time on television demonstrating our new Martha Stewart Crafts Paint line with Martha. We made these beautiful crackled boxes—perfect for gifts and jewelry. Beth writes: “Have you tried the crackle effect on the papier-mâché boxes or the jewelry cardboard boxes?” The answer is yes, Beth. The boxes we used were …

More of Craft Week at TV

TV Crafts : More of Craft Week at TV

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As Jodi mentioned yesterday, it’s Craft Week at The Martha Stewart Show! Complete with introductions to the new Martha Stewart Crafts paint line, the new Holiday Crafts book, and our perennial favorites, the Martha Stewart Crafts craft tools, it’s a great week to be tuning into the show. And don’t forget to check out how …