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Craft Week at TV!

TV Crafts : Craft Week at TV!

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I just finished a great morning over at the TV studio—painting and stenciling with Martha and my crafty 11-year-old niece, Piper—a fun way to start the week! We paint-pounced umbrellas and totes and stenciled on a bunch of different surfaces. It’s Craft Week at The Martha Stewart Show on the Hallmark Channel. Be sure to …

Babies and Cookies

Celebrate : Babies and Cookies

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According to my calendar, I’m due to have a baby boy in a matter of days, so this past weekend my mom and I decided to distract ourselves with an afternoon of cookie decorating. My good friend Dani Boglivi-Fiori hosted a V-day cookie workshop at The Art Studio in Flemington, NJ, a charming little converted …

TV Crafts : Today on The Martha Stewart Show...

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Diamond Paper Roses! (for full instructions, click here) Today’s episode featured lots of Valentine’s Day ideas to share with the sweethearts in your life.  Click here to find local listings (and for Jim’s full post on roses, click here)…

My Valentine

TV Crafts : My Valentine

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I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day a bit earlier this year. It’s been a special day for me the past nine years because, cheesy enough, it marked Ashley and my official anniversary. This year, it is even a little more special to me being that we are now engaged. Since I recently received my most …

Make It : The Gift of Holiday Music

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The era of “mix tapes” may be in the past, but I know that my family still enjoys the holiday CDs I make for them each year. The music is timeless, and the variety that can be included in a custom CD is usually more personalized (and less irritating) than a CD bought in a …

MARTHA on Hallmark

TV Crafts : MARTHA on Hallmark

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Hopefully by now everyone knows that The Martha Stewart Show is moving to the Hallmark Channel. We will be back live on the air starting next Monday, September 13, at our new home on Hallmark. Recently our promo for the new season on Hallmark started to air. But in case you have missed it, here …

Quick visit to Martha's house

TV Crafts : Quick visit to Martha's house

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This morning, the crafters and set stylists from The Martha Stewart Show were lucky enough to take a trip to Martha’s house to explore and be inspired by her “natural habitat.” The set stylists like to give our TV set the look and feel of Martha’s home, so there is a lot of picture-taking and …

Stylists Get Crafty

TV Crafts : Stylists Get Crafty

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Today’s post is written by set stylist Dani Fiore from The Martha Stewart Show: Some shows develop then change – develop some more and change and change again. It’s the nature of live TV! Our Google Cook-off show turned out to be one of those shows. Hosanna and the crafters were swamped so Kait, Kelli …