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TV Crafts : Gas Station USA

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TV Tuesday post by Kristin, TV Crafter and back seat driver On a recent trip cross country—from southern California back home to New York City—we stopped in many interesting places and saw many different things, obviously… but what I did not expect to visit so many times, or spend so much time at, were your …

The Tale of Ted

TV Crafts : The Tale of Ted

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Ted is the beloved bear of set stylist and cookie decorator extraordinaire Daniele Boglivi Fiori. She has had him for many years and of course is very attached to him. Then one day Dani and her husband added a new member to their family, a sweet dog, most of the time, by the name of …

TV Crafts : From the florist

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Today’s TV Tuesday post by Aaron Caramanis: We all take our turns developing “nature crafts” around here at TV, whether it’s glittering twigs, gluing down seashells, or embellishing eggs. I also have sole responsibility of overseeing all the floral content for the show. Flower arranging for me is where crafting and gardening intersect. At its …

TV Crafts : A friend is a present you give to yourself.

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TV Tuesday post by Kristin, TV Crafter and one of “The Girls” I am very blessed to have the most amazing group of best friends. Friends I have had since birth — literally. There are six of us (Amanda, Amy, Jackie, Nicki, Melanie, and myself) and our birthdays are scattered throughout the year. Amy’s birthday …

TV Crafts : That's a wrap!

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We TV crafters have finished production for our 4th season of “The Martha Stewart Show,” and after a little bit of cleanup/organizing, we are going our separate ways for several weeks to refresh and get inspired for Season 5. Some of the plans we’re looking forward to: Kristin is heading out to California to visit …

TV Crafts : Emergency crafting

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Today’s TV Tuesday post is from Kirsten, TV crafter and collector of turtle figurines: Okay — it was my turn to write the post for TV Tuesday, and here I am typing with one hand because of a completely stupid lunch-making accident this morning that sent me to the ER. Our can opener is broken …

TV Crafts : TV Tuesday!

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Hello from TV Crafts! We are really thrilled about the new blog! We crafters over at “The Martha Stewart Show” — Hosanna, Aaron, Kristin and Kirsten — will be blogging weekly on the various  goings-on in the television studio and our workroom. We have an extremely fast-paced schedule and we’re always on our toes creatively, …