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On The Web : Stocking Stuffers

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Need some last minute stocking stuffers? We’ve got some handmade ideas that are so quick and easy, you’ll be able to make something for everyone on your list. These Sequin Bauble Rings would be a hit at any holiday party. Twinkling Shoe Decorations can transform a simple dress shoe. Who wouldn’t love this little snowman? …

Behind the Scenes : Made for a Cause

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Here is a peek at what I have been working on for this year’s Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair. There are three pieces in the collection, each with a different meaning, and with proceeds from each going to benefit a different organization I feel passionate about. . . The Chimp I was lucky to have …

Behind the Scenes : Our First Digital Issue: Sculpey Jewelry

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For the first digital issue of Martha Stewart Living, titled “Boundless Beauty,” we wanted to include a handmade-jewelry story. I brought up Sculpey polymer clay, with a vision to make it modern and give a nod to the Bakelite jewelry that was popular during the first half of the 20th century. I have a secret obsession …

Halloween BONE jewelry

Behind the Scenes : Halloween BONE jewelry

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When I heard we were having a bone show for Halloween, I wondered what Martha could wear to go with the theme. She already had her spellbinding sorceress costume, so instead of transforming her, I thought maybe she could wear a few bold pieces of jewelry. Originally I was caught up with making a real …

Magazine Sleeve

Make It : Magazine Sleeve

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Maybe it has something to do with my line of work, but my magazines are precious. I love the new smell, the smooth cover, and the crisp pages. I save and collect them carefully, for future inspiration and entertainment. Unfortunately, as precious as they may be, I tend to toss my magazines into purses, beach …

Martha’s Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

Behind the Scenes : Martha’s Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

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Every year the pressure is on to create a fresh look for Martha’s Halloween costume that graces the cover of the Halloween Handbook, which is currently available at your local newsstand. This year I started with a few concepts that were inspired by various themes. Together with Martha, we narrowed the ideas down to a …

Make It : Floral Gift Topper

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I’m going to a bridal shower for one of my dearest friends on Saturday.  Since a main focus of the shower is unwrapping gifts, I want my wrapping to be extra special.  I was inspired by these tissue pom poms done in the Spring 2006 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings (I think they set the …

The Perfect Canvas Tote

Meet : The Perfect Canvas Tote

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Utilitarian and universal, organic and sustainable, locally-produced (NYC) and handmade, vintage-inspired and designed by best friends—you can’t go wrong with Fleabag. The genius creators, Shira Entis and Alexandra Bell, blended their talents, loves, and interests in 2009, launching the perfect canvas tote brand. As an artisan and fan of pristine craftsmanship, I was intrigued by …