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Pumpkin-carving recap and ideas for Holiday photos

Make It : Pumpkin-carving recap and ideas for Holiday photos

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Okay, so it’s no secret that I had a baby, which apparently makes you go crazy and do all these cutesy things you normally wouldn’t do. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, but I REQUIRED that our little guy have his own pumpkin for Halloween. When it was pointed out to me that he …

Make It : "Drawers" for Bookshelves

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The name of the game in my son’s nursery is “storage solutions.” Our biggest organization problem right now is his sweet little baby wardrobe. We have little room for a dresser, and the space under the changing table is taken up with diapers, burp cloths, and linens. What we DO have is a very large …

Inspiration Board : Anchors Aweigh!

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I am a huge fan of all things nautical—as I mentioned once before, my dad is a retired Captain in the U.S. Navy and I’m super-proud of that. I spent most of my early life on or near the water with him, so all things boating/fishing/Naval/sea-related bring that sense of comfort that only memories of …

Baby (or Child) Footprints for Mother's Day

Make It : Baby (or Child) Footprints for Mother's Day

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I took a break from crafting for a bit while I welcomed this guy to the world … ..and yesterday I decided it was time to pull out my supplies and make something. Jack is now 8 weeks old, and like most new moms, I have been meaning to capture those TINY FEET since the …

Celebrate : Homemade by Santa's Elves... well Martha's really!

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This Christmas I was most excited to give one gift in particular. For the newest member of the Graj family, I made a pillow out of an old shrunken cashmere sweater that belonged to his beloved Grandfather, whom he will never be able to meet. After seeing Julia Rothman’s free downloadable christmas tags, I was inspired to use …

Make It : Welcome Little Miss Amanda Sunshine!

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We wanted to share the some exciting news… Amy Reda from EK Success (our partner for Martha Stewart Crafts) and her husband, had a baby girl on April 6th. Amanda Sunshine actually arrived on her due date! We put together a baby basket and crafted a “welcome baby” card… Steffi, a crafts designer in our …