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Celebrate : Kids Birthday Party Invitation (for any season)

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Everyone who knows me is aware how grumpy I am about having my birthday in the winter. I can’t recall how many times I’ve had to cancel birthday plans due to nasty weather. So when I found out that my son would be born in March, I was excited to have a spring baby, envisioning …

Punched Paper Chain Garland

Make It : Punched Paper Chain Garland

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Over at TV, we’re gearing up to celebrate a number of exciting arrivals—the arrival of spring (finally!), the arrival of a bouncing baby boy (courtesy of TV crafter Kirsten Earl) and the arrival of our Craft Hour on The Martha Stewart Show on Wednesday, March 2, at 10 a.m. Exciting arrivals require exciting celebrations, and …

Make It : Advent / Birthday Calendar

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Last year I shared with you that I’ve been making advent calendars for my mom’s birthday for many years. Her birthday is November 25, so it’s the perfect present, as it is so close to Christmas. Every day she gets to open an envelope with photos of her grandkids . . . it’s just a …

Make It : Chalkboard Flag Banner

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Here’s a clever idea that is not just good for one occasion, but can be reused for many. It’s a chalkboard-paint flag banner! Instead of making or buying celebration signage for every special day, you can easily make one sign for all your special days. I created this flag banner for my boyfriend’s birthday party …

Sticker Wreaths

Make It : Sticker Wreaths

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Hi, I’m Lenore Welby, a producer at The Martha Stewart Show. When I was recently assigned to produce a segment on making sticker wreaths for our TV show, I was really excited because I thought… This is like a craft and party favor all in one! It’s PERFECT for Charlotte’s 7th birthday party! (Or, for that …

Martha's Birthday

Celebrate : Martha's Birthday

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Hi, it’s Tracy, the crafts intern. Tuesday was Martha’s birthday, so Carrie, our international editorial intern, organized a thoughtful gift for Martha from all the summer interns. Everyone was given a card to write and decorate in any way they liked. All the cards were then compiled into a box we constructed using chipboard, ribbon, …

Make It : Easy Gift Wrap

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My brother turned 16 last week!  I didn’t have much time to fuss over his gift wrap, so I wrapped them in some plain white paper and stuck some neon office label stickers on top (neon seems to be all the rage with the teens these days  I know he’s not too concerned about what’s …

Birthday Sewing Box

Celebrate : Birthday Sewing Box

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My dear friend Goli recently got a sewing machine, so I thought it would be an appropriate birthday gift to put together a special sewing box. I found a nice simple box at West Elm, the perfect little inserts and dividers at the Container Store and the goodies for the inside at Michaels and local sewing …