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Make It : photo advent calendar

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My mother’s birthday is on November 25th, which is terribly close to Christmas. So for many many years now, I’ve embraced that part and given her an advent calendar that starts on her Birthday and ends on Christmas. There’s been many themes for the gifts, by color, the current favorite food, uplifting gifts, relaxing gifts …

Make It : Summer Crafts

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What better way to celebrate summer than a pool party??  My friend Brooke had a pool-side birthday celebration yesterday, complete with lawn games, diving competitions, and barbecuing.  This had me feeling nostalgic for the summer days of my youth, and my gift was inspired by camp crafts of years past.     The Birthday Girl! …

Celebrate : My Birthday

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I turned 30 this june 24th. That makes me a Cancer, intuitive, dependable, moody? Anyway I thought it was a great idea to work my astrological sign into my birthday treat decor. Blake used a crab punch to great effect, gluing some to the ends of toothpicks and sprinkling them around the table. Everything was …

Celebrate : Butterfly Party

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  We celebrated another birthday last week! I know it might seem like all we do is party around here, but the truth is, birthdays provide a great excuse to test out our crafts products to create decorations, cards, confetti, etc… For Jen, an amazing project manager here at MS, we chose a spring/butterfly theme …

Make It : Kyle's Birthday Follow-up

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Today’s TV Tuesday follow-up post written by Kristin St. Clair, TV Crafter and consumer of vegan scones … The “I Heart Hugs” Day for Kyle’s Birthday was a great success!! As planned, Kyle was completely surprised when he saw all his coworkers wearing the T-shirts. The event put a smile on everyone’s face and brought …

Make It : Kyle's Birthday

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Today’s bonus TV post written by Kristin St. Clair, TV Crafter and friend to all animals: One of the perks of being a Crafter for the “Martha Stewart Show” is being able to meet and work with our craft guests, who come to our studio from near and far to share their ideas, designs, and …