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Inspiration Board : Bright Yellow

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I spent last weekend in Northampton visiting my Alma Mater and was really taken with bits of yellow sprouting up all over the campus grounds. Something about a shot of this color – and just a shot, too much can be overwhelming – really excites the eyes.  Susan Dwyer of  Up in the Air Somewhere …

Inspiration Board : Paper Fashion

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As much as I like working with paper-like fabrics I am equally intrigued by the idea of using paper in lieu of fabric itself. I love the use of pattern paper in this opener from a summer 2006 Weddings story about dress shapes.   These paper creations by Petra Storrs for Sublime Magazine are truly …

Our Library : bloom

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From our Library: ….. well, actually from the Style Library. But since I personally own the book (thank you Shane), I thought it would still count. Bloom is an incredible magazine by Li Edelkoort, which is still published and worth looking at (and investing in, if you can). This book is a selection from the …

Inspiration Board : Vintage Office Supplies

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I started this small collection of vintage office supplies about a year ago. I really love the muted, aged colors and simplicity of package design. It’s so rare now to find similarly mass-produced products with the same, reserved aesthetic. The UK-based company Present & Correct is helping keep the dream alive with their online shop. …

Around Town : Martha Stewart Book Signing

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We’ll be here crafting away, but if you can make some time tomorrow and are in the New York area, make sure to stop by Martha’s book signing. PLUS, Hannah Milman will be there crafting her heart out. I anticipate a lot of glitter and punches, but you’ll have to stop by to find out. …

Around Town : The Crafts Dept. Visits TV

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Perhaps you saw today’s Martha Stewart Show? It was the Crafting show, in honor of the new Craft Encyclopedia launch, so our whole department joined the studio audience this morning. Marcie spoke a little about the book, and will be crafting on the show later this week. Athena’s got a craft segment lined up as …

Our Library : Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

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More from our library…alright, I know, it seems a little contrived to slip our new Crafts Encyclopedia into our Library Posts, but I just had to, because, the truth is, it’s one of our favorites. I only joined the department at the tail end of the book’s development, so I’m definitely not tooting my own …

Our Library : Crafts in the South Pacific

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More from our library…This book Pacific Pattern is one of my favorites, it explores patterns in fabric and fiber in the South Pacific. It has amazing photos of pattern used in all aspects of life, from architecture to clothing and quilting…