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Inspiration Board : Valentine Crafternoon

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A while ago I posted about my good friend Maura Madden and her book, Crafternoon, A Guide to Getting Artsy and Craftsy with Your Friends All Year Long, and her related workshop series called Handmade Crafternoon. You can read more about it here… Since then, we at Living had been trying to come up with the …

Make It : An Overseas Care Package

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My little brother is leaving tomorrow to study abroad for the semester, so my sister and I put together a travel-themed care package for him. We sent it over a few days early so it would be waiting for him when he gets there. If you have seen the new February issue of Living, you’ll …

Make It : Teacher's Gift

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Usually I give food gifts to teachers, since I never feel like I know them well enough to make something more personal. This year, however, my son told me that his teacher collects sea horses and he wanted to give her something to add to her collection. Athena made me aware of this craft punch, …

Make It : Hanukkah Gift Card Holders

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Gift cards are sometimes the easiest gift (especially for your hard-to-shop-for friends and family), but the dilemma seems to be how to personalize them a bit. There are only three nights left of Hanukkah, but these gift-card holders (from the December issue of Living) should take only 20 minutes to make. You’ll find many more Hanukkah …

Martha's Birthday

Celebrate : Martha's Birthday

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Hi, it’s Tracy, the crafts intern. Tuesday was Martha’s birthday, so Carrie, our international editorial intern, organized a thoughtful gift for Martha from all the summer interns. Everyone was given a card to write and decorate in any way they liked. All the cards were then compiled into a box we constructed using chipboard, ribbon, …

Last-Minute Birthday Cards

Celebrate : Last-Minute Birthday Cards

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Tonight I’m going to a birthday picnic in the park for two old friends of mine whose birthdays are this week, Carrie and Ana. As usual, I’m in a scramble to make something to give them, so I’ve turned to my never-fail birthday card which I’ve made a zillion variations of over the years. All …

Punched Fabric

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Punched Fabric

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Sheila asks- “Before I rush out and buy several paper punches, I was wondering if you can use them on fabric or felt?” The answer is YES! you can use craft punches on certain fabrics (though we haven’t had much luck with felt, as it is a bit too thick).  The trick to punching fabric …

Tools & Materials : Storing Scraps

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I was inspired by Athena’s post on her scrap-box- here’s my  method for storing those precious bits and pieces.  Using a presentation book with plastic sleeves, I store paper scraps according to color.  This makes for a fairly neat and easily accessible stash of papers for card-making and small paper projects.  Though I find it …