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Dries Van Noten

Meet : Dries Van Noten

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photo by Mikael Jansson via T magazine Since I studied Fashion Design, I often look at my favorite designers for inspiration. Dries van Noten is at the top of that list. Especially for his treatment of fabrics with lots of amazing embroidery and beading,  and his unusual sense of color combinations. So for this post …

Make It : Easy Valentines

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I was thrilled to try one of  Marvy’s new craft products- Bistro Chalk Markers!   They offer two brilliant pinks in their collection, so I had to try them out on some Valentine cards.  This type of marker is typically used for dry erase boards, chalkboards, and window advertisements, but worked very well on paper …

Snowflake Cards

Make It : Snowflake Cards

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We got some beautiful snow on Thursday!  It made me want to send some snowflakes off to my friends in warmer climates.  Below you’ll find a “snow globe in an envelope”.  To make it you’ll need a few paper doilies, card stock, glue pen or stick, and a plastic sleeve (the kind that a packaged …

Make It : My Yummy Valentine

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Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I love pinks and reds, candy and sweets–and oh, expressing love for family and friends, of course! I have been collecting candy for quite a while–everything from fancy cut rock candy to drugstore lollipops. I love the colors and patterns and the packaging. For Valentines Day I always …

Make It : Better Late Than Never?

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The holidays are over…that must mean it’s time for me to make my holiday card! I seem to always miss Hanukkah and Christmas. In years past, my husband and I have sent out New Years or Valentines cards instead (Thank you St. Valentine for the February extension!) I like to send gifty-ish cards and while …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Sealing Glittered Projects

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Nicky Stokes asks: I loved the glitter cards and photo art in the November issue of Martha’s magazine.  I really want to try making a card, but I don’t want to send my friends a mess of glitter for Christmas.  How do I keep the glitter from falling off the card?  Is there a special …

Make It : Faded Paper

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To avoid fading, I try to keep my paper projects out of direct light in our sun-drenched craft room. But fading is not always undesirable- I discovered this forgotten pink paper on a windowsill at our old office and used it to make some valentine postcards.   I like the ombre effect on the rhinos …

Make It : Fireworks

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Goodbye summer days!  You will be missed. To preserve and share one of my favorite summer pastimes I’ve used these fireworks photos as inspiration for some postcards.   I started by collecting materials that remind me of fireworks- metallic bits, tinsel, sequins, tissue (for smoky effect). You will also need black card stock cut into …