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On The Web : Halloween Treat Containers

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Is anyone else excited for Halloween?  According to the overwhelming response to our HALLOWEEN WORKSHOP and other online projects, I’d say so!  I hope everyone has seen the October issue- we’re really excited about it.  There were too many projects to fit in the magazine, so we’ve put some exclusively on the web.  Here are …

Inspiration Board : Cardboard

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I just finished helping Laura with this adorable cardboard cat playhouse (originally designed by her husband for their cat, Maggie) for the new Pets section on the Martha Stewart site. I really loved working with the simple cardboard material and before I realized it, I started seeing amazing bits of cardboard inspiration all over: From …

Behind the Scenes : Cat Scarf...too much cute?

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Perhaps you saw our knitting story in February’s Living… but did you make it tiny and put it on a cat? via poppypod…