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On The Web : Halloween on CraftStudio!

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Do you have the CraftStudio app for the iPad? If so (or if you’re considering it, this is sure to entice you..) we’ve got an exciting announcement: launching today are two new bundles for Halloween, Pumpkin Carving and Haunted House! With these two new bundles entitled “Haunted House” and “Pumpkin Carving” you can use the …

Inspiration Board : Fashion Week Invites

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New York Fashion Week is here! We’ve got a bit of an obsession with printed matter here in the Crafts Department, so see below for this season’s round up of Fashion Week invites (see past seasons here and here). This invitation from Alexander Wang is glow in the dark!   Antonio Lopez’ invite holds a …

Inspiration Board : Our New Martha Stewart Glass Paint Line

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We are thrilled that our new line of Martha Stewart Glass Paint has finally hit the stores at Michaels! Along with our partners at Plaid, we have crafted brand new tools and paint formulas specifically for glass and ceramic surfaces. And just like our original craft paint line, this new glass paint is designed to …

Inspiration Board : Back to School!

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September 1st is less than a week away, which means it’s time to start thinking about ringing in the new school year! There are so many great back to school finds on Etsy and BigCartel – scroll below for some of our picks to help you get set for September. I love these bright-colored, handmade …

On The Web : Our Tools

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If you caught Blake and Marcie on the Crafting Hour radio show on Sirius XM 110 yesterday, you probably heard them talking about our favorite tools. That said, I thought it appropriate to do a round up of some of our favorite projects in which a Martha Stewart Craft Tool is essential to its execution. …

Inspiration Board : The September Issue of Living!

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The September issue of Living is now on newsstands! Hurry and pick up your copy of what we are deeming the “Home Issue” – you’ll find tips and tricks for transforming rooms, getting organized and adding a bit of color to your life. Make your way straight to page 33 to see Blake’s chic tromp …

Jude's Arctic Tapestry

Inspiration Board : Jude's Arctic Tapestry

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  In the upcoming September issue of Living a project I worked on closely with Martha is featured, a special mural/tapestry that Martha conceived and I executed for her first grandchild, Jude.  Martha has written about the tapestry, and we even did a small version on the TV show, but this is the first time …

Make It : A Sailboat Postcard by Erin Jang

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Today’s printable summer postcard comes from Erin Jang! If you’re a regular here on our blog, you may know that our love for Erin’s work is no secret: Hello! When I think about summertime, I’m reminded of those summers I lived in Boston, watching the sailboats on the water while jogging along the Charles River. …