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Around Town : New York Shopping, a tale of three Pearls

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The other day on one of my many shopping adventures in New York, I discovered the three stores on my list that day were Pearl Paint, Purl Soho and Pearl River. A trifecta! I had to blog about it, of course. Pearl Paint is a huge craft supply store on Canal and Mercer street in …

Make It : Embroidered Eggs

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Today’s Easter egg guest post comes from the wonderful Brett Bara, the crafter behind the lovely blog Manhattan Craft Room. She is also author of Sewing a Straight Line. About a year ago, I came across an image online of some cross-stitched eggs made by Ukrainian artist Forostyuk Inna. I was completely obsessed, being a …

Make It : Dremel Egg Craft

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Today’s Easter egg guest post comes from the talented Benita Larsson of (one of our favorite blogs!) Chez Larsson. We first fell in love with her Dremel egg crafts last year, and are thrilled she’s sharing her latest project with us: My name is Benita from the Chez Larsson blog and I’m so excited to …

Inspiration Board : Velvet Burnout with Kevin O'Brien Studio

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Last week on the Martha Stewart Show, guest Kevin O’Brien showed Martha one of the processes that he uses to create his amazing textiles as seen above and below. The process is called velvet burnout and so much fun to learn about and not as difficult as I thought it might be! Some things to …


Inspiration Board : Houndstooth

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Over the past number of months I have been quite interested in pixelation and how to represent images as collections of neatly organized little squares – so geometrically satisfying! At the same time I have been looking at classic fabric prints and patterns and how striking they are when done on a large, graphic scale. …

Contests & Prizes : Lion Brand's MSC Yarn Contest!

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We’re very excited to announce the Lion Brand Martha Stewart Crafts Yarn Contest! Here’s how it works: Knit, weave, crochet or craft a project using the new line of Martha Stewart Craft Yarn. The best part? Your creation can be anything, as long as it’s made using our yarn! You can submit your project to …

More Valentine's Day Cards!

Make It : More Valentine's Day Cards!

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WARNING! If you are my sweetheart, please stop reading now. A couple of years ago I started a tradition of mailing a Valentine to my honey starting February 1st, till the actual day of Valentine. Yup, 14…sent by real mail. In the past it’s been a collection of great cards I have found by talented …

Craft Room Clean Up!

Behind the Scenes : Craft Room Clean Up!

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With 2012 well underway, we thought the Craft Room here at our offices could use a good clean. This three day undertaking was well worth the work (hauling heavy bins while breathing in dust and glitter), as there’s much to be said for working in a clean, organized environment. We even found some inspiration along …