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Around Town : Renegade Craft Fair

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If you are in the San Francisco area this weekend stop by the Renegade Craft Fair.  It is Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM – 7 PM at The Fort Mason Center Pavillion.   We will be making friendship bracelets at the “Toyota Retreat” from 3:00-5:00 on Saturday afternoon.  We would love to see you there! Check out …

Make It : to the Renegade Craft Fair

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Many of you have been writing us to inquire about Holiday Craft Fairs. If you are in the area this weekend, definitely try to make it to the Renegade Craft Fair! The fair is being held this Saturday and Sunday from 11AM – 6PM at the East River State Park. It’s the first ever Holiday …

Antiquing with the Collecting Department

Around Town : Antiquing with the Collecting Department

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A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take a day trip down to Kutztown, Pennsylvania, with the Collecting Department. Fritz and Liz toured me around a large outdoor antiques show, as well as several antiques shops that Fritz knew well in the area. There were so many treasures—I’ve never seen anything like it! …

Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Make It : Borax Crystal Snowflakes

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In preparation for this Saturday’s Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale, I’ve been working on a new kit in the Professor Figgy’s Fabulous Science Kits line—this one helps you grow your very own Borax Crystal Snowflake! To make the snowflake yourself, check out the process below. It requires a few basic (and readily available) tools and …

Behind the Scenes : Made for a Cause

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Here is a peek at what I have been working on for this year’s Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair. There are three pieces in the collection, each with a different meaning, and with proceeds from each going to benefit a different organization I feel passionate about. . . The Chimp I was lucky to have …

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Around Town : Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

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Hi – I am Kate, an employee who loves folk art and recently went to the amazing Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.  This annual event is the largest market in the world. This year, more than 170 master folk artists representing 52 countries were selected to participate in this colorful, creative event attended by …

We're so excited about the sewing book!

Contests & Prizes : We're so excited about the sewing book!

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It is so amazing to have all these great projects together in one book.  It was hard to choose my favorite!  I have to say I have a strong attachment to Japanese Sashiko Embroidery.  You’ll find some beautiful examples of Sashiko in Martha Stewart’s Encylopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, as well as a CD …

Celebrate : You are invited to Stitch Fest!

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As you all seem to be just as excited about Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts as we are, you may be happy to know that we’re having a big ‘Sewing Fest’ to celebrate the launch of the new book.  The event takes place April 1st at our offices in the Starrett Lehigh …