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Contests & Prizes : Craft Station Winners!

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Congratulations to Jodi Warshel, Kirsten, Shelia R. and Laura – the four lucky winners of our Craft Station Giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated! &nbsp…

More Stuffed Bunnies

Make It : More Stuffed Bunnies

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A few months ago I posted about a stuffed bunny I made based on Silke’s pattern.  After making the bunny, I decided she needed a little dress.  It was easy to make the pattern- I just traced about 3/8″ around the arms, then coming out in an A-line at the bottom.  Hem the neck, cuffs, …

Our Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

Make It : Our Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

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Have you seen our new Handmade Holiday Craft book?  It’s a great reference for gifts, decorations, and entertaining crafts for every holiday.  If you’re in need of a gift for a crafty friend or family member- this may be it! This past weekend I had so much fun making these candy canes from the book- …

Make It : Handmade Ornaments

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We’ve had a couple inquiries about the exact method for making these handmade ornaments from the December issue of Living- So we thought it might be helpful to post this how-to video that we made for the iPad- Let us know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend- let us know what kind …

Beaded Bracelets

Make It : Beaded Bracelets

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Seems we can not get enough of bracelets around here! Tomorrow on the show I am demoing how to make your own beaded wrap bracelet, and since I want to make sure people understand some of the steps, I have put together a little photo tutorial. Another easy to make bracelet for a handmade holiday …

Rope Bangles

Make It : Rope Bangles

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Looking for a clever, inexpensive DIY Holiday gift for your friends? I think I’ve got you covered. Spend an afternoon making unique bangles from what other than… rope! Take a trip to your local Michael’s, where you will find all the supplies to keep you crafting all day long. Look for the Martha Stewart Crafts …

Make It : Quick Clip-Art Place Mats

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Has cooking the perfect turkey monopolized your Thanksgiving prep? Looking for a way to entertain the kids and liven up the table all at once? Athena to the rescue with her adorable clip-art place mats from the November issue of Living! With just one day left before the big event, this will take all of …

Hungarian Reindeer with Cynthia Treen

Make It : Hungarian Reindeer with Cynthia Treen

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For today’s guest post I’m thrilled to have my friend Cindy Treen share her beautiful work with the blog. One of the most talented people I know with a needle and thread, from large to small, her handcrafted work never fails to impress. This gallery is of some the quilts she has made in the …