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Inspiration Board : Craftovers

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How does the saying go? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure? Working with such incredible people, I am always inspired by others’ creations, materials, and oftentimes their leftovers. Take Silke’s projects on the cover of the current issue, for example.  Some items (such as clothing and baskets) were store-bought and dipped into dye, and …

Quick visit to Martha's house

TV Crafts : Quick visit to Martha's house

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This morning, the crafters and set stylists from The Martha Stewart Show were lucky enough to take a trip to Martha’s house to explore and be inspired by her “natural habitat.” The set stylists like to give our TV set the look and feel of Martha’s home, so there is a lot of picture-taking and …

Build It Green!NYC

Around Town : Build It Green!NYC

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Recently a few of us from TV went on an excursion to Build It Green (aka BIG), located in a massive warehouse in Queens. What is BIG? Well, it is “New York City’s only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials.” Which is rather amazing when you think about how much building/deconstructing happens …

Make It : Course in Glittering

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We love glitter, and it was such a treat to take a break from work and teach our 51 talented interns one of our favorite glittering techniques.  We developed the punch and stencil technique for our Craft Studio at Beaches Resorts and it quickly became a favorite.  Check out more about the intern glitter project …

Stenciling Basics

Make It : Stenciling Basics

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I have been doing a lot of stenciling recently, and after hearing the question, “What did you use to make your stencil” oh, about a hundred times, I thought I’d share my go to materials and some tips to make sure your stenciled image turns out the best it can. All three of these materials …

4th of July!

On The Web : 4th of July!

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On Sunday night I was pleasantly surprised by fireworks at the Hudson River.  What a treat!  There’s something spectacular about fireworks.  They are celebratory, magnificent, and so beautiful to watch; which is why I’m excited for the 4th of July.  I hear Macy’s puts on quite the show in New York so I’m hoping for …

Autograph books

Make It : Autograph books

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I want to share an easy end-of-school-year autograph book project that I did with my son’s kindergarten class. To make the books, the kids “sewed” a stack of paper and cardboard together and knotted it on the outside. Then they decorated the cover with markers. Since I needed to make 24, I wanted to use …

Stylists Get Crafty

TV Crafts : Stylists Get Crafty

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Today’s post is written by set stylist Dani Fiore from The Martha Stewart Show: Some shows develop then change – develop some more and change and change again. It’s the nature of live TV! Our Google Cook-off show turned out to be one of those shows. Hosanna and the crafters were swamped so Kait, Kelli …