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Ask the Crafts Dept. : Sealing Glittered Projects

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Nicky Stokes asks: I loved the glitter cards and photo art in the November issue of Martha’s magazine.  I really want to try making a card, but I don’t want to send my friends a mess of glitter for Christmas.  How do I keep the glitter from falling off the card?  Is there a special …

Make It : easy fall decoration

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It isn’t often that I find the time to  do the projects we produce for the magazine for my personal life , as I’m always too busy developing the next story (yes, that is Thanksgiving 2010 for me). But today I decided to take the 15 minutes it would take to decorate my own house …

Inspiration Board : Public option

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We’re in our final stages of Halloween programming here at TV. Our big “Spook-tacular” is live this Friday. I just was asked yesterday to be in that show, so you’re getting a double dose of me this week (Wednesday’s show will air the octopus costume). The look of the set Friday will be very handmade …

Around Town : "Before and After” Craft Show at Gallery Hanahou

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Last week I stopped by Gallery Hanahou for the opening of “Before and After,” a show by Ossu! Shugeibu, the “macho” Japanese crafting club. The gallery was packed, and the evening was a lot of fun.  There was even an impromptu group crafting project! All of the work is created from ordinary objects transformed into …

Around Town : Burn baby burn

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For the past several years I’ve been lucky enough to attend the annual festival in Nevada known as Burning Man. The event’s origins began with a small group of friends in 1986 on the beach in San Francisco. Now it attracts close to 50,000 people of all ages, from all around the world, who all …

Behind the Scenes : Masks

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Last October Stephen (an MSL Art Director) and I scouted a few locations for the Masks story that appears in the October issue of Living.  We brought along some crafts in order to stage some potential shots. Doesn’t Stephen make a great owl?  As you can see, I made some changes for the final mask …

TV Crafts : Nature's Bounty

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This is the time of year when I am lagging behind while hiking or even strolling through the park because I am staring at the color of the trees or looking at the ground and collecting.  I like to squirrel a little of it away so I can use it for crafts in the future, …

On The Web : Halloween Treat Containers

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Is anyone else excited for Halloween?  According to the overwhelming response to our HALLOWEEN WORKSHOP and other online projects, I’d say so!  I hope everyone has seen the October issue- we’re really excited about it.  There were too many projects to fit in the magazine, so we’ve put some exclusively on the web.  Here are …