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TV Crafts : PS 20

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In mid-May we wrapped things up for Season 4 at TV, and the show went into summer repeats. On the first week of our hiatus my mother planned a visit to NYC when spring was at its best. Since she’s an artist we opted to spend most of our time going to galleries and museums, …

Make It : Pop-Up Father's Day Card

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My dad is a huge fan of pop-ups.  He has quite the collection of books and cards, but none handmade!  My younger brother and I collaborated to make this one- My brother drew this robot and we reduced it on the photocopier to make a few more.  These were then mounted on card-stock to make …

Around Town : A Souk in Brooklyn

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A couple of weekends ago, the Brooklyn Academy of Music hosted a souk, or open air market, showcasing some of the beautiful traditions of several diverse Muslim cultures.   The upbeat music and dance, along with brightly colored handmade crafts, made for a very lively atmosphere. There were piles and piles of beautiful beads…. And so …

Make It : rock on

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I love rocks. I love rocks in all kinds and in all forms. Give me the weathered beach pebble, the jagged outcropping, the polished gemstone or the raw crystal; I never get enough of looking at them or collecting them. Last summer when I was visiting Moonlight Gemstones in Marfa, TX, my head almost popped …

Around Town : Renegade Craft Fair Round (up) Two

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While Marcie was busy at her booth at Renegade this weekend, I was free to wander around and enjoy the rest of the fair. I took some pictures of a few favorite spots, but sadly missed a few great ones as well. P.S. I have to apologize for the picture quality – my camera seems …

The Tale of Ted

TV Crafts : The Tale of Ted

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Ted is the beloved bear of set stylist and cookie decorator extraordinaire Daniele Boglivi Fiori. She has had him for many years and of course is very attached to him. Then one day Dani and her husband added a new member to their family, a sweet dog, most of the time, by the name of …

TV Crafts : From the florist

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Today’s TV Tuesday post by Aaron Caramanis: We all take our turns developing “nature crafts” around here at TV, whether it’s glittering twigs, gluing down seashells, or embellishing eggs. I also have sole responsibility of overseeing all the floral content for the show. Flower arranging for me is where crafting and gardening intersect. At its …

Behind the Scenes : Lasting Impressions

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If you don’t already have your June ’09 Martha Stewart Living Issue… grab one before it’s too late!  I’m really excited about the summer crafts story entitled “Lasting Impressions”.  It is full of simple (yet sophisticated) printing projects that can take as little as 20 minutes to create.  Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the photo …