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TV Crafts : That's a wrap!

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We TV crafters have finished production for our 4th season of “The Martha Stewart Show,” and after a little bit of cleanup/organizing, we are going our separate ways for several weeks to refresh and get inspired for Season 5. Some of the plans we’re looking forward to: Kristin is heading out to California to visit …

Make It : Mother's Day Crafts

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, so there’s just enough time to craft something special for the occasion. Below are two of my favorite Mother’s Day projects.  Click on an image for instructions, or click here for plenty of other handmade ideas…

Open Studio : Welcome to Open Studio

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We got such a great response to our posts about the craft room, we thought it would be fun to show you where we work when were not working, if you know what I mean. So, for the next few weeks, every Thursday we will give a small studio tour of our personal crafting spaces …

Make It : Silk-dyed Eggs

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This post from the television crew written by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and singer of showtunes …. Today, as we wrap up another week of shooting, I just wanted to share with you some photos from my favorite craft I worked on this week: silk-dyed Easter eggs.  Jackie Blais, from our audience department, introduced us …

Make It : Bunny Costumes for the Dogs

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We know how much Martha’s Dogs Sharkey and Francesca love to participate in holiday festivities- check out their new Easter bunny ears!  Below we’ve included some how-to details to make  a pair for that special pet (or human) in your life. You will need: The essential tools: templates, scissors, paintbrush, hot glue gun gray and …

Make It : TV Headband Party

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Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television: One thing I love about living in NYC is watching how trends start and build by looking at people on the subway. Back in the fall I started to notice girls wearing simple feather headbands. “Easy craft, anyone can do it!” I thought …

Make It : Glass Etching

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Passover starts this Wednesday, and there are so many special objects associated with the meal, that I finally had the perfect opportunity to try glass etching. I’ve been looking for an excuse to try it since I spotted it in the new crafts encyclopedia. It looks so easy! Could it really be that easy? Could …

Make It : Easy Easter Eggs

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My sister-in-law invited my family over to decorate Easter eggs this weekend and I was digging around the office for inspiration for some easy ideas for my nieces, nephew and little sons to try. I started playing with the rub-downs and 3-D stickers that are in the Martha Stewart Crafts line. I especially love the …