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Make It : Pig Cupcakes

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Vintage postcard I learned something new today. “The pig was just as important a symbol on Saint Patrick’s Day cards as were shamrocks. If you owned a pig, you were fairly prosperous and would not go hungry. A sow with many piglets was real wealth. Ask a farmer in any agrarian …

Colorful Cupcakes

Make It : Colorful Cupcakes

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One thing that I have learned from baking with my niece and nephew is that after cracking the eggs, the most exciting part for them is decorating. Last weekend we decided to do some early valentine baking and instead of waiting till the end for the decorating, we colored the batter to make the mixing …

Celebrate : Party Time!

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Hi there– Valerie Courtney here. I’m an associate crafts designer in the product design department here at Martha. I am thrilled to be representing our department as a contributor here on the crafts blog. I’ll be offering glimpses into our daily lives as designers at the company. A topic that I think many of us …