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Make It : Post-It Calendart

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Do you have your January issue of Living yet? Check out our sticky-note calendar in Good Things—it’s so easy, you might just have to make one!  All you need is a Masonite fiberboard, tape, and a few colors of Post-its, and voilà! You’ll never be late to the dentist, or miss your friends’ birthdays again. …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Back to School

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Erica asks: “Do you have any suggestions for personalizing back-to-school supplies?” Fill these last summer days with activities that will help your back-to-schooler get excited for the first day. You probably already have the supplies needed to make these fun pencils. Get creative and eco-friendly with textbook covers—here we’ve used old roadmaps. Paper grocery bags …

odds and ends box

Inspiration Board : odds and ends box

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Below is a really simple idea… Like many of us, I have a really hard time letting go of / getting rid of things, out of some vague sense that somewhere down the line I’ll make excellent use of them… or really because I just like the way they look (which is apparently ok with …

Make It : Clip Art Photo Calendar

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I wanted to share this clip art calendar from the current issue of Living. It’s a great way to enjoy a favorite photo or several photos over the course of the new year. It’s also inexpensive pretty easy to make, here is the how-to,  clip art and frame. Happy New Year!…

Inspiration Board : Organized in the New Year

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It’s 2010 and new years resolution season!  The holiday season gets so busy around here that our craft room grew pretty far from tidy over December.  It’s back in order now, and we’ve resolved to keep it that way.  I imagine we’re probably in good company, and you could use some tips to stay tidy …

Inspiration Board : Post-it Notes

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I know I am repeating myself – and others – but seriously, the stuff being done with post-its lately is worth a second mention.    A friend of mine just sent me this animated video, done entirely in colored post-it notes.  This wallpaper is made of layers of multi-colored post-its that create an ever-changing pattern …

Open Studio : Welcome to Open Studio

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We got such a great response to our posts about the craft room, we thought it would be fun to show you where we work when were not working, if you know what I mean. So, for the next few weeks, every Thursday we will give a small studio tour of our personal crafting spaces …

Inspiration Board : Vintage Office Supplies

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I started this small collection of vintage office supplies about a year ago. I really love the muted, aged colors and simplicity of package design. It’s so rare now to find similarly mass-produced products with the same, reserved aesthetic. The UK-based company Present & Correct is helping keep the dream alive with their online shop. …