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Make It : Pom-Pom Bunnies

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I always loved the story about a bunny who carries eggs to the homes of children the night before Easter. I’m planning to make these pocket-sized pom-pom bunnies for the little ones who will be hunting for eggs next Sunday – four, six, maybe I’ll make a whole warren. Materials you will need:  yarn, small …

Make It : Decal Eggs from our April Cover

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  This year we are really excited about our decal eggs from our April issue.  You don’t have to be an artist or a crafting expert to make these eggs.  We have provided the downloadable clip art, so all you need to do is print them onto decal paper, spray them with varnish and apply …

Make It : easter baskets

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For the Red Easter story in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living, I had also made these baskets. They didn’t make it into the magazine, but I still wanted to share them with you, as they are so easy to make, and are so sweet.   The frame is made by the very clever people …

Inspiration Board : Red Easter

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Who says that Easter means pastels colors and bunnies … not that there is anything wrong with either, but for this April issue of Martha Stewart Living, we thought we’d try something different – bright, bold and happy red, in a sophisticated, minimal environment … I honestly haven’t decorated my house for Easter in a while, …

Make It : Easter Surprise Balls!

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Surprise balls are an easy -to-make cute addition to an Easter basket, and a fun way to receive treats and toys. They’re made by wrapping crepe paper streamers or strips around little toys and candy, adding more treats as you wrap the streamers around and around. These bunny surprise balls, designed by the brilliant Athena …

Rhinestone Eggs

Make It : Rhinestone Eggs

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Today’s post comes from one of my very favorite guest crafters we’ve had on The Martha Stewart Show – the fabulous Kari Tarr!  You may remember her as a finalist during last season’s “Remarthable” Contest when she shared her techniques to create gorgeous glitter wall art or from this past holiday season when she made …

Mosaic Eggs Tutorial

Make It : Mosaic Eggs Tutorial

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Today’s Easter egg guest post comes from the one and only Stephanie Hung! With March going out like a lamb, I have been feeling quite spring-y these days.  If you go down to the woods next Sunday, you’re sure of a big surprise; at least in my neck of the woods – Mosaic eggs!   …

Make It : Embroidered Eggs

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Today’s Easter egg guest post comes from the wonderful Brett Bara, the crafter behind the lovely blog Manhattan Craft Room. She is also author of Sewing a Straight Line. About a year ago, I came across an image online of some cross-stitched eggs made by Ukrainian artist Forostyuk Inna. I was completely obsessed, being a …