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Inspiration Board : Downton Abbey DIY

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Now that season 2 of Downton Abbey is over,  it seems we will have to wait until 2013 for Season 3 (September 2012 in the UK).  In case you need a bit of a Downton fix before then – there is always the box set available from PBS or you can amuse yourselves with a little …

Pysanky Artists

On The Web : Pysanky Artists

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Did you see the feature on pysanky artist Nicole Bergeron in the April issue of Living? She was part of our Great Finds column this month—75 Spectacular Spring Things! Nicole was one of our three favorite egg artists found on Etsy—the other two being Katya of the ukranianeastereggs shop, and Christine of the Teener1416 shop. …

Meet : Valerie Courtney

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Hi all, I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember… As a child, I used to play hooky from school and turn my bookcases into high-rise apartment buildings for my stuffed animals or construct playhouses out of refrigerator boxes. With this sort of background you can imagine how working at Martha has …