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Inspiration Board : Woolies

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British sailors crafted “Woolies” primarily between 1840-1880. These skilled and self-taught needle workers created intricately embroidered images of their ships during their free time. Here are some photos from a recent exhibit I saw at Annmarie Garden Sculpture Park & Arts Center in Solomons, Maryland. This ship seems to have met an unfortunate end… I …

Around Town : Renegade Craft Fair Round (up) Two

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While Marcie was busy at her booth at Renegade this weekend, I was free to wander around and enjoy the rest of the fair. I took some pictures of a few favorite spots, but sadly missed a few great ones as well. P.S. I have to apologize for the picture quality – my camera seems …

Inspiration Board : Paper Fashion

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As much as I like working with paper-like fabrics I am equally intrigued by the idea of using paper in lieu of fabric itself. I love the use of pattern paper in this opener from a summer 2006 Weddings story about dress shapes.   These paper creations by Petra Storrs for Sublime Magazine are truly …

Inspiration Board : Springtime colors

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  If Spring is finally here, then why is it so cold? I’ve been recalling the warm months by looking at photos of these bright and beautiful Dahlias. Photos from a Dahlia garden on Long Island I found relief from bleak winter days in the many art museums around the city. One that really stood …

Around Town : 72nd Annual Sanibel Shell Show

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Hi Everyone, This being my first blog post here on the crafts department blog I wanted to share with you one of my greatest loves…SHELLS. Shells are such a great material to craft with and anyone who knows me knows how much I love them. My office is full of shells and sea glass that …

Around Town : "Forget Me Not" Embroidery Show at Gallery Hanahou

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I stopped by the opening for ‘Forget Me Not: embroidered love from the new craft movement.’ All of the work is hand stitched and deals with love, but styles, techniques and materials really range. I love the play between traditional handicrafts and contemporary interpretations. Much of the work is pretty witty if you look closely. …