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Around Town : Liberty of London Art Fabrics

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I recently went to one of our favorite NYC shops, Pins & Needles, to pick up some supplies and get advice for this baby blanket I’ve since finished-   I got some extra-soft batting and a little help with the construction from Rachel, the shop’s owner.  I chose two plaid cottons (a nod to Tartan- …

Our Sources : Art Boards

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If you have the September issue of Living, you may have seen this project in our Good Things section- We made a big statement with a cluster of fabric covered Art Boards- affordable art!  Use a staple gun to attach fabric to the boards- after time you can switch out your patterns for a quick …

A Love Letter to My Mom's Quilts

Inspiration Board : A Love Letter to My Mom's Quilts

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Daryle Earl (a.k.a. My Mom) has been quilting for 35 years – her first quilt being a baby quilt for me.  I remember my mom hand-piecing quilt blocks on the beach in the summers while she watched me frolic in the ocean, and the giant quilt hoop in her lap (usually with a cat underneath …

Baby Rocker

Make It : Baby Rocker

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When I found out my friends, Will and Alina, were pregnant, I immediately knew what I was going to make for the baby—rock n’ roll onesies! Typically parents prefer baby clothes in sweet colors with cartoonish creatures or cutesy patterns, but not all couples are into that. Receiving corny baby stuff is pretty much unavoidable, …

Summer Hats

Make It : Summer Hats

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With the sun at full force these days, it’s best to stay in the shade—with a little help from these summer hats, a project in this month’s issue of Living. Not only are they reversible, they are also simple to make. I love rooting through the fabric closets at the office. It’s like shopping the “ends” …

Fabric Printing Trials

Make It : Fabric Printing Trials

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Last weekend I went to the beach with dear friends I hadn’t seen for some time. I wanted to commemorate our trip with souvenirs and my first thought was to stamp shirts. Inspired by woodcuts and whales, I carved a rubber block with a linoleum cutter: But when it came time to print on fabric, …

Fabric Folding

Tools & Materials : Fabric Folding

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Recently I was asked how I cut perfect squares and rectangles from my quilt fabric. The secret, for me, is how I prep and fold it. This is the way my mom taught me, and by no means the only way, but I thought I’d share it in case you find a few tips to …

I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

Make It : I'm Keeping an Eye on You!

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There are a few craft projects that we often refer back to—projects that fellow coworkers loved and look forward to making themselves. One came from a guest crafter, Regina Lord, a few seasons back. She joined Martha on the show to make a clever, reverse-appliqué eyeball T-shirt. The spying eyes were such a hit that …