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Inspiration Board : knitting in (for) January

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It is really cold in New York today, but nothing like it was last year when we were at Morehouse Farm, shooting our knitting story for the current January issue of Martha Stewart Living. There had been an ice storm the night before, the power was out, but it was incredibly beautiful with the trees looking …

Make It : Beaded Button Down Shirt

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Today’s guest post comes from the talented team over at Honestly…WTF: “Simply sewing on a few sparkly beads to a shirt placket could easily transform any old item in your wardrobe, adding much needed sparkle and texture!” Materials: -Any button down shirt (we love the one they use from jcrew!) -An assortment of metal, plastic …

Beaded Bracelets

Make It : Beaded Bracelets

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Seems we can not get enough of bracelets around here! Tomorrow on the show I am demoing how to make your own beaded wrap bracelet, and since I want to make sure people understand some of the steps, I have put together a little photo tutorial. Another easy to make bracelet for a handmade holiday …

Rope Bangles

Make It : Rope Bangles

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Looking for a clever, inexpensive DIY Holiday gift for your friends? I think I’ve got you covered. Spend an afternoon making unique bangles from what other than… rope! Take a trip to your local Michael’s, where you will find all the supplies to keep you crafting all day long. Look for the Martha Stewart Crafts …

TV Crafts : Glitter Shoe Fun

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  Recently on The Martha Stewart Show, we invited Erica Chan Coffman from the very popular blog Honestly…WTF to demonstrate the above glittered shoes with Martha. Who doesn’t love a good project that upgrades your fashion into looking designer without spending too much? Since glittered shoes seem to be everywhere this fall, it’s easy enough to …

Halloween Special Issue Costumes

Behind the Scenes : Halloween Special Issue Costumes

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I had SO much fun developing the costumes for this year’s Halloween Special Issue. You’ve seen Martha’s “Motha” costume in action, but have you seen the other six B-Movie-themed costumes that accompany her? Flip through the pages of the special issue and you’ll find some classic camp characters reinvented with basic supplies found at hardware …

Fashion Week Invites!

Inspiration Board : Fashion Week Invites!

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Fashion Week is upon us! New York is currently a flurry of excitement as Fashion Week settles in. Sadly, in order to attend you need to be the recipient of one of the amazing invitations below. The next best thing to attending (in my opinion) is drooling over these little masterpieces. After all, shouldn’t the …

Make It : Bracelet Love!

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  DIY bracelets of all sorts have been popping up everywhere. When grouped together they make a great fashion statement as well as fun eye candy. A quick search of bracelets over on Pinterest generates a seemingly unending supply of inspiration, with plenty of links to tutorials. Excited to use some of my saved up …