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Fall Crafts on Etsy

On The Web : Fall Crafts on Etsy

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The leaves are changing, the air is crisp—no doubt it’s fall! Here are a couple of seasonal crafts from Etsy. We’d love to hear about your favorite online craft shops, too!  Also, if you’re a crafter, don’t forget to enter for a chance to sell your wares at the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale. Beautiful …

Felted Dog Wigs

Make It : Felted Dog Wigs

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In preparation for Halloween, I was given the task of developing costumes for Martha’s gorgeous Frenchies, Sharkey and Francesca. What better way to show off the girls’ fabulousness than with brand-new hairdos! Check out the gallery below for instructions on how you too can fashion wigs for your dogs using wool and a very simple …

Halloween Decorations

Around Town : Halloween Decorations

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Some Halloween inspiration I passed on my walk to work this morning—all the decorations really get me in the spirit! And you wouldn’t believe how many Halloween decorating ideas we’ve got!…

Martha’s Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

Behind the Scenes : Martha’s Spellbinding Sorceress Costume

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Every year the pressure is on to create a fresh look for Martha’s Halloween costume that graces the cover of the Halloween Handbook, which is currently available at your local newsstand. This year I started with a few concepts that were inspired by various themes. Together with Martha, we narrowed the ideas down to a …

Inspiration Board : Matta

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I couldn’t figure out if I should file this post under ‘Inspiration Board’ or ‘Our Sources,’ as the store Matta truly is both—a source of inspiration. We go there to borrow clothes as props for our shoots (most recently in the story ‘A New Twist’ in the August issue of Martha Stewart Living ) and leave …

Festive Party Hats!

Make It : Festive Party Hats!

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Earlier this summer, I attended a girls getaway in honor of my dear friend’s upcoming wedding. What a great weekend! We laughed, we danced, we celebrated, and we made party hats to wear while doing it all. The most fun was had making them, but I have to say, wearing them—and taking funny photos—was pretty …

Tools & Materials : Rit Dye

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When in doubt, dip it in Rit Dye. That’s been a ‘philosophy’ of mine for many many years. I remember as a teenager taking my dad’s shirts and overdyeing the pinstripes, re-dyeing washed out black denim (I might just be dating myself now), and updating my room by giving sheets and pillows a new color …

Make It : Braided Scarf

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Ever since developing and shooting the braiding story ‘A new twist’ for our August issue of Martha Stewart Living, I’ve been braiding non stop. On the train, at the pool, at the soccer field. I really love portable crafts, plus the necklaces and bracelets make perfect summer gifts!  Hopefully, now that you have the issue, …