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Make It : simply change the buttons

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Buttons seem to be the part that designers skimp on first …. what a shame. It has such an impact ! So more often than not when I buy a piece of clothing, the first thing I do is to change the buttons. Most recently I replaced the plastic molded hideous shank buttons on an …

Inspiration Board : Paper Dolls

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There’s something enchanting about paper dolls.  They’ve been around for hundreds of years combining craft, fashion, and play.  Especially popular in the early to mid 1900s, they were a cheap accessible way to keep up with fashion trends and celebrity figures. I love this Frida Kahlo paper doll by Don Hendricks. They really feel like …

Behind the Scenes : Masks

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Last October Stephen (an MSL Art Director) and I scouted a few locations for the Masks story that appears in the October issue of Living.  We brought along some crafts in order to stage some potential shots. Doesn’t Stephen make a great owl?  As you can see, I made some changes for the final mask …

Inspiration Board : The Irish Coast

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Last summer I spent a week traveling along the southern coast of Ireland. It was an amazing trip. I was really taken with the natural patterns in the landscape. I kept thinking to myself, if I were a textile designer this would be my inspiration. Wouldn’t you just love an entire summer wardrobe in these …

Inspiration Board : Bright Yellow

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I spent last weekend in Northampton visiting my Alma Mater and was really taken with bits of yellow sprouting up all over the campus grounds. Something about a shot of this color – and just a shot, too much can be overwhelming – really excites the eyes.  Susan Dwyer of  Up in the Air Somewhere …

Inspiration Board : Paper Fashion

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As much as I like working with paper-like fabrics I am equally intrigued by the idea of using paper in lieu of fabric itself. I love the use of pattern paper in this opener from a summer 2006 Weddings story about dress shapes.   These paper creations by Petra Storrs for Sublime Magazine are truly …

Inspiration Board : Balloons

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For most people Spring is marked with longer days and budding flowers. For some reason, this year I am feeling the passage with balloons. I found this photo a few months ago (but of course forgot to mark where from – anyone know?) and think it has to be one of the most perfect party …

Inspiration Board : Handmade in Portland

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I love this bag from Sara Barner, I’m really into the twisted handles. She and I used to work together at a leather accessories shop in the lower east side of Manhattan. She moved to Portland and started her own line of leather goods, Rose, all made by hand in her studio. She uses simple …