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Wedding Bouquet Poll

Celebrate : Wedding Bouquet Poll

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One of my closest friends decided somewhat spontaneously to get married two weeks ago.  She asked that I help with flowers so I made her bouquet and his boutonniere.  Flowers are not necessarily my forte but I was really happy to be a part of their celebration.  I had a difficult time deciding what type …

TV Crafts : From the florist

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Today’s TV Tuesday post by Aaron Caramanis: We all take our turns developing “nature crafts” around here at TV, whether it’s glittering twigs, gluing down seashells, or embellishing eggs. I also have sole responsibility of overseeing all the floral content for the show. Flower arranging for me is where crafting and gardening intersect. At its …

Inspiration Board : The Travel Guy

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Today’s TV Tuesday post written by Aaron Caramanis, Crafter/Set Decorator: So, I’m considered the “travel guy” of our department. In my mind, I think I’ve slowed down, but the girls are quick to disagree. One thing I enjoy when abroad, especially if I’m on my own, is to take a factory tour. Usually these are …

Inspiration Board : Springtime colors

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  If Spring is finally here, then why is it so cold? I’ve been recalling the warm months by looking at photos of these bright and beautiful Dahlias. Photos from a Dahlia garden on Long Island I found relief from bleak winter days in the many art museums around the city. One that really stood …